New 2024 Kia E-Niro Price, Release Date, and Specs

New 2024 Kia E-Niro Price, Release Date, and Specs.

Its 2024 Kia e-Niro is still part of the section of compact utility cars. It is, nonetheless, a total bigger dimension than the variation it changed.

Dimensional changes in contrast to 2024 Kia e-Niro are as complies with:

  • Length increased by 4.6 cm.
  • The wheelbase is increased by 2 centimeters;
  • Ground clearance enhanced by 0.5 centimeters
  • Freight space when rear seats are up has been increased by 4.3 feet 3.

New 2024 Kia E-Niro Price, Release Date, and Specs

Outside of 2024 Kia e-Niro

The 2024 Kia e-Niro is a bit larger than the model that came prior to it. The wheelbase has increased by an inch, and the overall length has enhanced by 2.5 inches, which Kia insurance claims will lead to increased interior and freight space.

The very same standard silhouette of a small SUV/tall wagon is still existing, yet with some minor tweaks to the design. On the front, the fronts lights are now reduced and have to do with the exact same height as the grille, instead of having the ability to add the fenders like in the previous version.

The car’s sides continue to be fairly smooth. Nevertheless, Kia has actually provided the new Niro huge pieces of black, hostile body cladding that leaves the bottom of doors.

It’s in the direction of the rear that the Niro appears like a various car, nonetheless. It starts with an element in the three-quarter back panel, which Kia refers to as “the “Aero Blade.”

The body rises a little near the C-pillar to allow air to flow via it to the body of the Niro near to the liftgate. Kia asserts this design helps airflow. If repainted in among the many color alternatives, it will certainly make a declaration against the remainder of the car.

Possibly the most striking quality is the new taillights, which are shaped like an oblong and embellished with LEDs; the Niro seems an entirely different car than the version it’s replacing, a minimum of when seen from the rear. They’re similar to the taillights you see on Volvo’s smooth SUVs.

2023 Kia e-Niro Dimensions:

Length 4355 / 4375 +65 / +45 4420
Width 1805 +20 1825
Height 1545 / 1570 1545 / 1570
Wheelbase 2700 +20 2720
Front overhang 870 / 885 +25 / +10 895
Rear overhang 785 / 790 +20 / +15 805
Couple Distanze 834 +36 870
Rear Headroom 993 / 957 +12 / +10 1005 / 967
Rear Legroom 950 / 914 +61 / +24 1011 / 938

No Change in Battery & Motor

Although this design is greatly improved, the automobile has the exact same motor and battery, similar to the Kia Niro model of 2022.

The requirements are as the following:

  • Battery: 64.8 kWh;
  • Motor: 150 kW.

The newer version boasts an added 22.5 kilometres of range contrasted to the previous design.

New 2024 Kia E-Niro Price, Release Date, and Specs

V2L Capacities: Vehicle to Lots (V2L) Abilities

V2L is amongst the current developments in the EV section. This Kia e Niro review can’t be complete without speaking about it, as it’s an attribute readily available on the Kia Niro EV and is likewise suitable with this attribute.

The owners can utilize your 2024 Kia Niro EV to charge various other EVs and power homes.

Safety & Driver Assistance

Safety is one of the most essential factor in all new automobiles, and the 2024 Kia NIRO Electric Vehicle is no exception. It additionally features a selection of ADAS features.


Regular Niro Hybrids have a 139-horsepower outcome from their four-cylinder engine. The system keeps the battery charged. Torque is a significant 195 pound-feet.

The new design boosts the fuel performance from 50-53 mpg in this rear-wheel-driven crossover. The range of driving for this design of 588 miles.

With the plug-in hybrid, billing the Kia Niro 2024 driver can establish the electric motor using a level 2 charger in the house is feasible. The battery is totally charged in only three hrs.

The car has 33 miles range. The owner can enjoy fuel-free miles for 3 hrs, comparable to many commutes within Phoenix. With electric and gas Niro PHEV, the Niro PHEV driver can appreciate the power of 180 horse power along with 195 pounds of torque.

A new Eco-friendly Zone setting can switch the Niro HEV and PHEV from battery setting to the E.V. setting when you constant areas like offices, houses, or perhaps institutions. The mode makes use of information from navigation to figure out locations where power consumption is less needed.

Healing of power via brake regrowth is enhanced. The vehicle can alter the procedure based on radar data and roadway slope info. This offers a simpler and even more natural brake experience for the driver.

New 2024 Kia E-Niro Price, Release Date, and Specs

E.V. Performance

The 2024 Niro EV will have 253 miles of driving range. That’s an increase of 14 miles over the 2024 Kia e-Niro 239-mile driving range.

It’s also much better due to the fact that it’s a very fast-charging car. The over night charging process takes less than seven hours on a level 2 charger. If you have a level 3 fast-charger, it takes just 45 minutes to enhance from 10% charge up to 80 percent. It’s enough time for lunch and a break for drivers.

2024 Kia e-Niro E.V. uses an electric motor with 201 steeds that drive the back wheels. Its output makes it one of the most effective of the three Niro choices.

DASH Technology

Drivers will certainly locate a digitized instrumentation panel and 10.3-inch touch screen are naturals in the cabin’s innovative setting. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are typical. Various other relevant systems include Google Aide and Alexa.

The Digital Trick system will certainly enable drivers to use their smart devices to execute even more features. The requirement stereo could be updated to an eight-speaker Harman/Kardon system.

Inside of 2024 Kia e-Niro

The inside of the Niro attracts ideas from an electric Kia EV6. The Niro is offered with two 10.25-inch displays for a tool cluster and an infotainment touchscreen that seems streaming like a single screen running flat on the instrument collection.

The Niro is even thought to have the exact same climate and media control system, which we’re not entirely a fan of in the EV6 and the 2024 Kia Sportage. In this arrangement, the system’s tuning and quantity knobs function as the temperature control for the traveler and driver and guest, specifically.

This causes front passengers to shift in between different features. The Niro’s new Niro additionally features low-mounted center vents comparable to the dashboard of the EV6, which have a tendency to do much better at delivering great air straight to the arm joints rather than the upper part of your body.

It’s a good thing that the Niro has a head-up display that predicts info like vehicle rate directions and active safety messages on the windscreen within the driver’s straight line sight. Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capacities are common, and a wireless charger for phones is offered.

Kia made it clear that the interior of the Niro EV is constructed from animal-free materials, in addition to the seats and other areas of the cabin that are touch-sensitive. For instance, the headliner, for example, is made from recycled wallpaper. It’s excellent that it does not include the floral arrangement design from Granny’s home.

New 2024 Kia E-Niro Price, Release Date, and Specs

How Much Electric Range does the 2024 Kia e-Niro PHEV and E.V. Have?

Its Niro Plug-in Hybrid, likewise known as PHEV, can offer as much as 58km of electric driving range, according to Kia’s testing using the NEDC cycle. In the real world, this is an all-electric driving range that can be anywhere from 40 to 50 km, subject to the conditions and the driving style you choose.

The all-electric Niro comes with an usage rate of roughly 16kWh per 100km. This equates into an all-electric driving distance of 350km.

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The fee of the Niro EV with the 7.2 kWh wall-mounted box at home will take you 9 hrs to charge batteries from no to fully billed, and the fast-charger that is 100kW can reduce the time to 54 mins or 75-minutes with the 50kW D.C. fast-charger.

Release Date of 2024 Kia e-Niro

The new 2024 Kia e-Niro can be located to acquire in the latter part of this summer.


The even more powerful and sports 2024 Kia e-Niro is anticipated to assist the company in enhancing its sales numbers. The range increase, while not substantial, is likely to play a part in this regard.

We really hope that this 2024 Kia e-Niro review was helpful for you. We will maintain you approximately date on Kia’s E.V. system.


What kind of vehicle is the 2024 Kia e-Niro? What does it compare to?

The upgraded 2024 Kia e-Niro is a hatchback that is marketed as a portable crossover that can seat five individuals in the case of a pinch. It is marketed as a hybrid, plug-in, and battery electric automobile.

The Niro has an effective engine for purchasers to the eco-friendly. The similar Hyundai Ioniq is no more readily available as a BEV. Toyota has plug-in and hybrid variants of hybrid cars like the Prius and RAV4; nevertheless, there is no fully electric variation.

Is 2024 Kia e-Niro Fuel Efficient?

Its Niro Hybrid is rated at 3.8 L per 100km, whereas Niro Sporting activity is ranked at 4.4 L per 100km. Niro Sporting activity is rated at 4.4 L per 100km. That means an overall range of roughly 1,000 miles on one fuel storage tank.

Its Niro PHEV is classified with 1.3 L in 100 kilometres, as long as there is electrical power within the battery. When the battery pack is fully billed, the fuel efficiency will likely boost to regarding 5L for 100km or more, depending on the driving you choose and the place of your travel.

Is the 2024 Kia e-Niro a good SUV?

The new generation Niro shows up to have actually boosted most things that considered the predecessor’s TCC ranking at 5.7 from 10. (Check out for more information regarding how we analyze vehicles.).

Particularly, it’s far better in united state accident examinations, it’s more roomy in and out, and it’s styled not as a luxury car however as a more conventional car. All 3 versions are supplied throughout the nation.

The EV offers an approximated 253 miles of range and has automated emergency brakes, in addition to various other features for drivers, every one of which are included in the criterion.

What does the price of the 2024 Kia e-Niro cost?

Kia has not disclosed the price or basic features of the new Niro version. Besides that, it is outfitted with wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are offered as common features.

USB ports are conveniently located on the sides of the pole positions. The alternatives include cooled down and warmed pole positions, folding side mirrors, and cordless phone billing. There’s a head-up display, Ambient lighting, Harman Kardon sound, and an electronic trick that permits control of the automobile using the smartphone.

How Much Does It Price?

The Kia Niro lineup begins with a price of $39,990, to the entry-level Niro Hybrid S, with costs reaching $43,890 with Niro Hybrid Sport. Niro Hybrid Sporting Activity. From here, the schedule broadens to plug-in hybrids, with Niro PHEV priced at $46,590. It’s the Niro PHEV Sporting Activity. It is priced at $50,490.

The Kia all-electric Niro range starts at $65,590 on the Niro EV S, and one of the most effective E.V. Sporting activity is priced at $65,990.

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Which 2024 Kia e-Niro was created?

In South Korea.