Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Review: Price and Specs

Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Review: Price and Specs

Another F-150 is about to go down, the Ford F-150 Tonka Edition. The truck’s name could ring a bell, and this is probably due to the fact that you currently own among these. That is right, we are talking about Tonka, the producer of plaything vehicles. Per reports, this is likewise a really restricted edition. Just 500 of the F-150 Tonkas were made, but they can still be bought through typical car dealerships. So, if you are still dreaming concerning driving that effective yellow truck, this might be your finest opportunity. They are profoundly effective, per reports.

Not only that, they likewise have terrific styling on the within. This is not your day-to-day F-150. It has been modified and changed to fit a specific group. And we make certain that it will offer rapidly. The cost is a bit pricier than we would love to see. However thinking about every little thing you get with it, and mixing in some nostalgia, well, it makes sense after that. It also comes exclusively in the popular intense yellow shade. This pick-up makes sure to transform some heads with this designing. Let’s consider a few other information regarding this famous truck.

Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Review: Price and Specs

F-150 Tonka Edition Engine Specs

This lifesize reincarnation of the toy is rather powerful. Under the double air consumption hood is a mighty 5.0-liter V8. This engine caps out at around 700 horse power. This is tremendous taking into consideration the other F-150s. So, you might compare this pick-up with a Hellcat. The engine was made by none apart from the spectacular engineers at Shelby America. It has a supercharger and a Borla exhaust system. This is among the rarer pick-ups, as only 500 were made, with a guarantee of 200 even more. But that never ever occurred. The engine includes a six-speed automated SelectShift transmission.

The reason for an engine this size is that there is literally a lift set in the back. We would have liked to see various other engines available for the Tonka. Probably a diesel alternative would certainly be great. Thinking about how limited this pickup is, it just really did not make feeling for Ford to do that. A smaller engine would additionally use much better mileage while still giving it adequate power. In pick-ups the size of the F-150, 700 horse power isn’t really needed. The mid-size pick-up classification usually includes 3.0 litre engines, which is more than enough. If Ford chose to undergo and make more Tonkas without the lift kit in the back, then it would certainly make good sense to offer it a smaller sized engine.

Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Review: Price and Specs

Ford is guiding towards going green with most of its fleet. A next-generation Tonka could get here with a hybrid. All of us know just how much that assists with performance and mileage. When acquiring a pickup, both are extremely important aspects. Electrification isn’t likely to occur as a result of its being a restricted edition. Ford has the technology to do that. Although the platform would certainly need to be changed. The F-150 Lightning would certainly need to serve as a proxy. A great doing truck with an effective engine, yet we would have liked to see even more engine offers. This would cater to a bigger group and possibly obtain more market share for Ford. which is the end objective, of course.

Fuel Economy

When it comes to sustain economy, we don’t expect the Tonka to be on the cheap side. Given That the Ford F-150 Tonka Edition has a 5.0-liter V8, it obtains just 17 mpg in the city and 24 on the freeway. Integrated driving would navigate 19 mpg. Crossbreed powertrain is preferred nowadays, however it is not so likely outcome. It would have other benefits for the total performance, however fuel economy is a huge one.

Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Review: Price and Specs

Aggressive Appearance

The outside of the Ford F-150 Tonka Edition is tinted in brilliant yellow. This is the only color it can be found in. It flights on huge 19-inch light-weight aluminum edges to shave off some weight. The front fascia is huge and big; it gives the pickup its hostile look. There are 2 air consumption on the stylish looking hood. Besides, the engine is big and it needs a lot of cooling down. Ride elevation is also boosted, so don’t bother with getting things stuck under your Tonka. There are running boards on the sides to make getting in and out a lot easier.

Modern Inside

The inside resembles the outside of the pickup. The Ford F-150 Tonka edition is yellow in and out. There are black natural leather seats with Tonka embroidery. The yellow and black color combination is fairly pleasing to the eye. They were offered just as full-sized, four-door pickups. If Huge Blue Oval decided to make even more of these, and we would like to maintain it that way. However with an upgraded inside, naturally.

Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Review: Price and Specs

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The infotainment system must be boosted and its dimension boosted. The windows on it were tinted as long as legally feasible in all states. The seats could have a massaging attribute at this price, with several memory setups. Given that it sets you back so much, there is no need to skip on designing. Some chrome or timber inside it would certainly include considerably required style factors. Upgrading the control panel to fully digital additionally makes sense since it is conventional on contemporary F-150s anyhow.

Ford F-150 Tonka Edition Price

Currently, Ford isn’t planning on generating more F-150 Tonka Edition pickups. There was not a large crowd after them, to be honest. Yet a minimal edition like in the past would rapidly sell out, no doubt. That wouldn’t such as to have a 700-horsepower pickup tinted in bright yellow? The price for the large Tonka was $110,000. This is fairly a cost, but think about whatever you get with it.