How to Install and uninstall The Printer Driver ??

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How to install The Driver:

1.Download the Driver and save document data to your computer system
2.Open on the current installation file downloaded to start the installation.
3.Select next to continue installing the driver.
4.Feel free to actually reach the procedure is 100{83d381f83d1e7a77e6cf94f6622fdf882966b1b2dc3d48a456a349b645c2737e} complete.
5.If the installation process is finished it will appear asking you to install a printer to a laptop or computer,
6.After the USB printer connected to the laptop or computer system to turn on the printer, so THIS is recognized on Your laptop or computer systems and also you can print using a computer and printer

How to uninstall the drivers:

1.Click Start Windows on your computer system, and then open the “Control Panel”
2.Search For “Remove Pogram”.
3.Select the Driver that you intend to Uninstall and click “Uninstall”.
4.Wait some time until the driver you really deleted, after that click “Finish”.5.
5.Reboot Your computer or laptop if needed

i hope this little tutorial can help you for installing the driver on your PC, thanks.