The 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade Manual

The 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade Manual. The Toyota 2JZ engine is a favorite of both backyard enthusiasts and professional track-day teams. The 2JZ has been the ultimate cult classic for enormous power with minimal effort since 1991. Because of its cast-iron bottom end, balanced inline construction, square-shaped engine geometry, and forged crank, the 2JZ can easily handle twice its stock horsepower ratings right out of the box. That is something that few other engines can do.

The 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade Manual

Crash Course: 2JZ-GTE vs. 2JZ-GE

Because of the lower 8.5:1 compression ratio, most enthusiasts salivate at the possibility of having a 2JZ-GTE powered vehicle. In addition, the 2JZ-GTE has improved power-supporting side feed injectors and wider intake ports. The 2JZ-GTE, in particular, has a set of sequential turbos added from the factory, whilst the 2JZ-GE is naturally aspirated.

Because the 2JZ-GTE was only available in the Mark IV Supra in the United States, prices for 2JZ-GTE engines have risen. Unfortunately, 2JZ-GTEs are no longer a viable option for the majority of the working class.

As a result, we’ll concentrate on the GTE’s underdog twin, the 2JZ-GE. 2JZ-GE motors are still terrific engines with a lot of performance potential at a much lower cost. This is mostly due to their availability in Lexus IS300, GS300, and SC300 models sold in the United States.

The fact that the GE is naturally aspirated from the factory does not imply that it must remain so. Because the 2JZ-GE is essentially identical to the GTE, it can also consistently produce high horsepower numbers.

The basic method for extracting horsepower from a 2JZ-GE is identical to increasing power on a GTE, by adding a couple of new turbos to the equation.

Power Figures for the 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade

Starting with a small but zippy 230 horsepower, forced induction of a 2JZ-GE allows for significant upward mobility. While power figures may not be as impressive as those of the 2JZ-GTE, it is reasonable to expect 350-400 hp on factory internals.

The biggest constraint on a 2JZ-GE producing extreme power is its greater compression ratio, as adding too much pressure to already highly compressed cylinders is a formula for disaster. It is commonly stated that 7-8 PSI of boost is the upper limit sans GTE rods and a GTE head gasket, as well as additional supporting upgrades.

In general, a 2JZ-GE with a reliable turbo kit and simple supporting mods can reliably produce 350-400 horsepower with little effort and without breaking the bank. When the figure exceeds 450, extra, and costly, procedures must be taken to prevent the engine or transmission from grenading.

Mods that Support a 2JZ Turbo Upgrade

Supporting adjustments are required whether you are aiming for a realistic or unreasonable horsepower figure from a 2JZ-GE. Obviously, the extent to which you use supporting mods will be determined by your horsepower ambitions.

Most people believe that a 300-400 horsepower turbo 2JZ-GE would be fine with just a piggyback or standalone tune. This necessitates the use of an access port or a flashed ECU, which is primarily a matter of personal preference. That being said, if you start seeing numbers at the top of the spectrum, it may be time to upgrade your fuel system and injectors.

A high-flow fuel pump is required for engines with 400-450 horsepower to avoid fuel starvation. In the upper horsepower numbers, most 2JZ-GE owners recommend a Walbro 255LPH fuel pump as a suitable upgrade choice.

High horsepower also necessitates larger injectors to feed more fuel into the cylinders, rounding out the fuel system. 500cc injectors are the largest injectors that can be run with a normal fuel-tuning device, such as a SAFC-II, depending on your other current hardware. If larger injectors are required, a more powerful engine management system is required.

Upgrades for the 2JZ-GE Turbo

When it comes to turbocharging a 2JZ-GE engine, there are numerous possibilities. Turbo kits are the most affordable and straightforward way to produce forced induction on a 2JZ. If big power goals are the end aim, some people prefer a specialized arrangement. To avoid misunderstanding, we will focus mostly on ready-made kits because custom turbo installations are highly specialized and unique to each specific automobile.

The 2JZ-GE, like other highly adjustable engines, has a large selection of turbo kits. A variety of criteria must be considered while selecting the best turbo kit for your specific needs. How much do you want to spend on a kit? What kind of power are you seeking for? What further changes are needed to run each kit?

In the following sections, we’ll go over some of the most popular 2JZ-GE turbo upgrade kits and analyze their benefits and drawbacks.

CXRacing 2JZ-GE Turbo Intercooler Upgrade Kit

Cost: $2,332.81

300-500 hp Horsepower Rating

Models that are supported include:

  • Lexus GS300 (98-05)
  • Lexus IS300 (98-05)
  • Lexus SC300 91-00
  • Supra 93-00 NA MKIV

The 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade Manual

To begin, we have the generally respected go-to, jack-of-all-trades 2JZ-GE turbo kit. The all-inclusive CXRacing Turbo Intercooler kit is difficult to surpass in terms of price-to-quality ratio.

Cutting, welding, and fitment issues are all too common with many turbo kits. Fortunately, the CXRacing 2JZ-GE system is a complete bolt-on kit that requires no cutting or relocations.

In addition to being simple to assemble, the kit’s individual components are well-made. A 1.75″ 11-gauge manifold and stainless steel downpipe offer a trouble-free system under severe load.

The CXRacing 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade kit offers a couple of turbo alternatives for varied demands, depending on the vehicle. The kit comes with two options: a T70 T4 turbo or a GT35 turbo. According to most user reports, the GT35 is undoubtedly superior to the T70 in terms of both power improvements and quality, despite being more expensive. If you have the cash, the GT35 is the way to go.

With few drawbacks, the most important complaint is doubtful long-term dependability. Most users report troubles with the kit only when pushing high PSI boost pressure on a high-mileage engine, thus it may not be a question of the system’s reliability as much as it is of owner discretion.

If you want to do quick and easy 2JZ-GE forced induction on a budget, the CXRacing 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade kit is a viable choice supported by a large number of owners in the community.

2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade Kit REV9

Price: $1,000

450 hp Horsepower Rating

Models that are supported include:

  • Toyota Supra 1993-1998 NA
  • Lexus SC300 92-00
  • Lexus IS300 (2001-2005)

The REV9 2JZ-GE turbo upgrade kit is a good option for high-quality, low-cost 2JZ-GE turbo kits. Despite the need for additional parts, the overall construction quality of the kit is comparable to that of the more expensive CX kit.

Unfortunately, the REV9 kit lacks an intercooler and pipes, which must be purchased separately by the client. While intercooler kits for 2JZ-GEs are widely available on the internet, locating one that is a perfect fit for your car may take some effort and research. Even with the additional expense of a separate intercooler system, the entire cost would most likely be cheaper than the CXRacing equipment.

The REV9 kit’s build materials and horsepower potential are comparable, if not slightly better, than the CXRacing setup. The REV9 package comes with a fully stainless steel manifold set, which comprises a stainless intake, tube, downpipe, and manifold. When it comes to this kit, the manifold set is the real star, with V-band 50mm wastegate flanges that are generally found exclusively on high-end kits.

The REV9 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade Kit is the greatest choice for someone looking for a high-quality turbo kit but is wary of the intercooler setups that come with all-inclusive kits. If you have a unique concept for running an external intercooler kit, or if you already have one, the REV9 kit is your best option.

PHR NA-T S23 2JZ-GE Kit by Powerhouse Racing

Price: $5,952.14

Horsepower Rating: A wide range of 300-800 horsepower is available.

Models that are supported include:

Without any changes

  • Toyota Supra 1993-1998 NA

with alterations

  • Lexus SC300 92-00
  • Lexus IS300 (2001-2005)

The PHR kit from Powerhouse Racing is the Rolls Royce of the 2JZ-GE turbo kit industry. Almost every component of the kit can be customized to meet your specific requirements. At first sight, the package appears to be designed particularly for NA MKIV Supras, but with clearance changes and unique intercooler piping, this kit will work with most 2JZ-GE engines.

Customization options include wastegates, turbos, turbine housings, mid pipe lengths, intercooler piping sizes, and intercooler piping finishes. The Powerhouse Racing kit is by far the most customized 2JZ-GE turbo kit on the market, with 16 turbo configurations and 11 turbine housing options.

Superior build quality is the kit’s second most prominent attribute, as all of the components are handcrafted by skilled fabricators. The kit’s exhaust components are all covered with a 2000 degree black heat coating, which ensures improved durability and heat reduction.

Because the kit is designed for performance, several labor-intensive procedures must be completed to assure correct fitment. While this kit is the highest quality on the list, it is far from the easiest to install. The Powerhouse Racing PHR 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade kit is likely only appropriate for people wishing to thrash their 2JZ-GE on a track at a competitive level due to the high price and difficulty.

If you have the time and resources to devote to a large project, this is the kit for you.

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Conclusions for the 2JZ-GE Turbo Upgrade

The 2JZ-GE has always existed in the shadow of its 2JZ-GTE cousin, although for little reason. The 2JZ-GE is the family’s black sheep, a bulletproof engine with loads of upside potential. That might be a good thing. Because it is less revered and sought after, the 2JZ-GE and the vehicles it powers remain economical, if not inexpensive. A fantastic chance for the typical enthusiast wishing to generate some consistent force-induced power.

Despite being the underdog 2JZ, the GE offers an abundance of turbo kit options. As a result, there is a 2JZ-GE turbo upgrade kit for everyone. This article should have helped you narrow down the many 2ZJ-GE turbo upgrade alternatives and aid in your search for the appropriate turbo kit.