The 5 Best Toyota Supra A90/A91 Mods

The 5 Best Toyota Supra A90/A91 Mods. The debut of the A90/A91 Toyota Supra for the 2020 model year signified the return of one of the most iconic tuner cars in history. The previous generation Mark IV Supra is known for its 2JZ-GTE engine, which is regarded as one of the most well-designed and engineered production engines in history. The 2JZ also had nearly limitless mod potential, thus there was a lot of excitement when the A90/A91 Supra was announced, with fans wondering how it would compare to the previous generation, which was discontinued in the early 2000s.

So far, the reviews have been mostly excellent, and the A90/A91 Supra is quickly establishing itself as a formidable vehicle. The Supra is powered by BMW’s B58, twin scroll, 3.0L straight-6 engine, which is a beast. The 2022 has 382/368 hp/tq out of the box, but it still feels like it’s itching for more power.

This guide will look at the top 5 finest A90/A91 Supra upgrades for power and comfort on the market today. This article will not only look at how to increase a lot of horsepower, but it will also look at how to make driving and riding in the Mark V Supra more enjoyable overall.

We previously discussed A90/A91 Supra intake changes, and this section concentrates on other performance modifications.Do you want to know how to make your Supra the fastest and most comfortable car on the road? Let’s look at the top 5 A90/A91 Toyota Supra Mods.

The 5 Best Toyota Supra A90A91 Mods

Toyota Supra 3.0 Engine GR

The current generation Supra is powered by BMW’s B58 engine, which we have previously examined. It is a 3 litre straight-6 engine with a dual scroll turbo that will produce 382hp out of the factory in 2022. For the 2021 model year, the B58 received an upgrade that added 47hp with a reworked exhaust manifold, lowered compression ratio, and re-calibrated tune.

While 2020 Supra owners may be kicking themselves for not waiting a year for the revised engine, the 2020 B58 is still a capable engine. Any of the performance upgrades we recommend below can easily make your 2020 Supra compete with any 2021+. Furthermore, except for extreme builds (800+whp), the revised exhaust manifold and compression ratio will have no effect on performance.

Supra 3.0 vs. Supra 2.0

Toyota not only revised the GR Supra for the 2021 model year, but they also added a smaller 2.0L engine option. The 2.0L produces significantly less power and has a turbo 4-cylinder engine rather than the 6-cylinder. It also has less expensive suspension, brakes, and differential, to name a few features. It’s not a bad Supra engine, but it can’t compete in terms of performance with the 3.0L. This tutorial will primarily discuss performance mods for the 3.0 engine in the A90/A91, although the non-performance update will also apply to the 2.0 GR Supra.

Supra 3.0 Power Capacity

The A90/A91 Supra can handle a lot of power from upgrades. And when we say a lot of power, we really mean it! The internals on the 3.0L are extremely powerful, and individuals report driving 600-650whp on a regular basis without difficulty. Some are even referring to the B58 as the 3JZ’s spiritual successor. Even though it is a performance engine, it is extremely reliable, and it thrives on aftermarket modifications.

The Top 5 Supra A90/A91 Mods

Our top five best A90/A91 Toyota Supra 3.0L upgrades are:

  • Downpipe
  • Intake
  • Bimmercode
  • Flexible Fuel
  • Tuning

There are numerous options for the Mark V Supra, and we balanced performance, practicality, and comfort. A 2022 performance automobile should not only be powerful, but also luxury and pleasurable to ride in. The A90/A91 Supra is already a terrific car, but a few modifications truly send it over the top. Because we already covered the best A90/A91 Supra intake upgrades, this list will concentrate on different mods.

1) Downpipe (the most popular A90/A91 modification)

Upgrading the downpipe is one of the best ways to boost the performance of the B58 in the Supra. The GR Toyota Supra’s stock downpipe is the most restrictive portion of the exhaust system. This is attributable not just to the OEM cat, but also to its short 3.15″ diameter.

The factory pipe chokes the exhaust gases flowing out of the turbo, causing excessive back pressure. This causes poor flow, which exacerbates turbo lag and decreases responsiveness.

Many of these negative characteristics, however, can be mitigated by upgrading the downpipe. Aftermarket downpipes either eliminate the cat or replace it with a high flow alternative, both of which provide significantly enhanced flow and volume. Catless downpipes, on the other hand, are not emissions permitted and are best suited for track/show cars. High flow cats provide excellent performance while being emission-free. Catless versions will also cause a CEL on the majority of vehicles, whereas the high flow cat option prevents CELs from appearing.

Supra downpipes will provide 15-25whp/wtq on their own. They do not require any tuning, but it will greatly improve performance. They also make your A90/A91 Supra’s exhaust sound noticeably more aggressive and louder. The B58 already sounds excellent with the stock exhaust, but with a downpipe, you can really hear it snarl. All of this combines to make the downpipes one of the top five A90/A91 Toyota Supra upgrades.

Top Downpipe Alternatives

On the GR Supra 3.0L, we have three recommendations for downpipes. There are other alternatives available, but these are the best in terms of fabrication, fitment, and performance.

The Mastery of Art and Design (MAD) B58 Catless Downpipes come first. Because it is catless, this downpipe produces 15-25whp and is the loudest option on our list. It also incorporates a flex joint to alleviate stress on the components caused by continual heating and cooling.

The Active Autowerke Signature Catted Downpipe is our second option. The Active Autowerke downpipe has a 400 cell GESI cat, making it emissions compliant on the street. It still provides dyno-proven improvements of 10-18whp without a tune, and it is exceptionally well-crafted. This downpipe is one of the most popular on the market and can be seen on a variety of designs.

The Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Catted Downpipe is our ultimate recommendation. It has increases of 10-20whp and is made of complete 304 S/S that is tig welded in house. The ETS downpipe has received rave reviews for its fitment and sound, and it looks and operates brilliantly as a result. When seeking for enhanced Supra downpipes, the ETS is a must-consider choice. Downpipe MAD B58 Catless

The 5 Best Toyota Supra A90A91 Mods

2) Consumption

Intakes are a popular modification for the A90/A91 Supra Mark V. We’ve already discussed these in our Supra A90 Intake Upgrade Guide, so we’ll just summarise everything here. While some may argue that B58 intakes are pointless, they actually have a number of advantages. An intake is also required for anyone running a larger turbo or higher boost.

The B58 gets between 5 and 25whp/wtq when paired with tweaking. Furthermore, drivers will experience less turbo lag, louder induction noises, and improved overall throttle response.

Best Intake Options

The HKS DryCarbon Full Cold Air A90 Supra Intake Kit, Injen SP A90 Supra Cold Air Intake System, and aFe Takeda Momentum A90 Supra Cold Air Intake are our top three Supra intake recommendations. These kits strike an excellent balance between performance, quality, and price. Again, check out our Supra Mark V Intake Guide for more information on A90 intakes!

The 5 Best Toyota Supra A90A91 Mods

3) The Bimmercode

The Bimmercode patch is our most practical recommendation for making your GR Toyota Supra more fun to drive on a daily basis. Bimmercode is a fantastic new programme that enables you to customise and use hidden features on your vehicle. You pay for and download the software to your smartphone, connect to your car via a compatible OBD adapter, and you can immediately begin customising features of the Supra to your preference.

Some of the most popular A90/A91 Supra customizations include turning off some of the annoying startup warnings on the head unit, allowing the backup camera to stay on for longer periods of time, and changing the ringtone for incoming calls. On the Supra, you can choose from 15 different customization options. You may even customise the air conditioning and programme it to recall your preferred climate control settings.

4) Flex-Fuel Ethanol Kit

Flex-fuel is the go-to upgrade for anyone wishing to make serious power on their A90/A91 B58 Supra. By including ethanol into your fuel mix, you may run reduced air-to-fuel ratios without risking detonation or pre-ignition. This means significant power gains while remaining within a considerably greater safety margin. The B58’s petrol mileage suffers as a result of the ethanol blend, however the lower cost of E-85 helps to offset this. It is also better for the environment.

Flex-fuel kits may be put on the B58 Supra without any tuning, but there is a catch. The stock tune can only handle E25-E30 mixtures before it struggles with compensating. As a result, any mixes over E30 require specific tuning to function correctly. It’s also worth noting that the GR Supra won’t be able to run a full E-85 blend without numerous other fuel improvements, such as a new low pressure fuel pump and port injection system. Tuners for cars that do not have these improvements will limit their mixes to E-50 to assure power and dependability.

However, even with an E-50 mix, these cars have insane power. Flex-fuel and custom tune will easily produce more than 100whp improvements above stock. The A90/A91 Supra will easily create 500whp all day with an additional downpipe. Stunning results from just a few of performance tweaks.

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Top Ethanol Flex-Fuel Alternatives

When it comes to flex-fuel kits for the A90/A91 Supra, there are only two options. The Burger Motorsports kit and the Visconti Tuning kit. They both sell complete kits that include sensors and gasoline lines. The Zeitronix ethanol content analyzer is included in the VT kit, whereas the Genuine Continental sensor is included in the BM kit. Both are excellent sensors, with the Zeitronix taking home the most SEMA awards.

Visconti Tuning is the industry standard for Mark V Supra tuning, and they have one of the best reputations in the industry. They are well-known for their excellent customer service, dependability, quality, and commitment to performance. Burger Motorsports is also well-known in the industry and community, and their flex-fuel kit is excellent. We favour the VT kit because of its improved sensor and optional display, but either choice is fine.

5) Fine-tuning

Tuning is by far the most significant performance enhancement for the GR Toyota Supra. The Supra gains 50whp/100wtq with only a tweak. Much of this is due to increasing the boost, which is currently set at 12 PSI on the stock tune. Adding a few more mods really wakes up the car, and as previously stated, 500whp is achievable with only flex-fuel, a downpipe, and tuning.

However, there are some restrictions when it comes to tuning the GR Toyota Supra. Unfortunately, Supras with construction dates after June 2020 have factory-locked ECUs. This means that, unlike prior years and most other automobiles, they cannot be easily flashed over and tweaked. They need either a piggyback solution, which operates outside of the ECU and alters it, or a business to bench unlock it.

A bench unlock frequently entails removing the ECU from your vehicle, mailing it to a tuning firm, and having them mail it back to you. Obviously, not everyone is comfortable or capable of this solution, so tuning the A90/A91 Supra can be difficult.

Top Tuning Alternatives

Those with pre-June 2020 build dates will be able to use any authorised EcuTek custom protuners with an EcuTek licence. If you are comfortable, you can even change the maps yourself.

A JB4 piggyback system is an excellent choice for anyone who does not want to take the EcuTek way before June 2020, or who does not want to send their ECU out after June 2020. It provides 80whp improvements on a stock or stage 1 car and may add maps for any number of modification combinations. It is a plug-and-play harness that connects to the Supra without requiring any permanent modifications.

Visconti Tuning is one of the most well-known e-tuners for the Mark V Supra in the country for individuals willing to have their ECU sent out (or with pre-June 2020 construction dates). They have some of the highest gains for any tuner on the platform, and as previously stated, they have excellent customer service. They can adjust almost any setup for the B58 Supra, including bigger turbos, port injection, and flex-fuel.

There are other tuning choices for the 2020+ Supra, but as previously said, you either need an early construction date or be ready and able to ship out your ECU. Visconti Tuning has a superb reputation in the Supra world, and they are the only ones we would suggest for that service. Local choices exist depending on where you reside, so call local tuning shops to see what they can do.

Summary of the 5 Best A90/A91 Supra Mods

Overall, the A90/A91 Toyota Supra is a fantastic vehicle. It’s already quick and comfy out of the box, but aftermarket additions turn it into a roaring beast that can’t be subdued. The B58 is more than capable of handling significant power, and it desires to be upgraded and modified.

We looked at the top five A90/A91 alterations in this list, balancing practicality, comfort, and performance. These modifications will not only make the Supra pull through all gears, but they will also dramatically improve the driving experience.

The anti-wind buffeting kit comes highly recommended and reviewed, and it makes driving on the highway much more enjoyable. Not only would the driver appreciate this, but passengers will as well. Purchasing the premium Bimmercode app is ideal for personalising your vehicle and eliminating annoying and repetitive warnings. It can also help you save time by allowing you to programme memory functions for certain settings.

Adding a downpipe to your system will not only improve performance, but will also provide an aggressive tone and loudness to the already excellent exhaust note. The car is transformed from a modest racer to an incredible behemoth thanks to flex-fuel and tuning. With good tuning and a downpipe, the Toyota Supra can easily make 450whp+ on pump petrol, and those gains rise dramatically when ethanol is introduced. Flex-fuel improves dependability on performance builds by allowing for lower and cooler cylinder pressures as well as increased knock protection.