The 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Upgrade Instructions

The 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Upgrade Instructions. From the factory, the 6.4 HEMI engine produces up to 485hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. It may be enough power for most people, but some of us are always seeking for more. The good news is that the massive 6.4L V8 has plenty of room for more power. A 392 HEMI cam modification is without a doubt one of the best mods for taking the engine to the next level. This page discusses 6.4 HEMI camshaft changes, including power improvements, benefits, cost, lifters, and other factors.

The 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Upgrade Instructions

Upgrades to the 6.4 HEMI Camshaft

6.4 HEMI cam mods are more complicated than normal bolt-on mods like a tune, headers, intake, and so on. Aftermarket camshafts must consider duration, valve lift, and lobe separation angle. Another important issue is that most cam upgrades aren’t built for MDS. 392 HEMI cameras are also costly and difficult to install.

The point is, this is not the type of alteration you want to enter into without sufficient expertise and information. In the following sections, we’ll go over everything you need to know before purchasing a 6.4 HEMI camshaft kit. Then we’ll go over the advantages of cams and go over some of the greatest Mopar cam modifications.

MDS Removal for 6.4L Camshafts

Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System, or MDS, is used in all vehicles equipped with the 6.4 HEMI and an automatic transmission. Manual autos and Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups are the exceptions. MDS is not used in these models. Most cam upgrades will require you to delete the system if you have MDS. This is accomplished by doing the following:

  • Disabling MDS through tuning
  • Lifters who do not have MDS
  • Plugs for removing solenoids

It’s not a big deal because you’ll need to tune the camshafts anyway. Some cam kits feature non-MDS lifters, and most provide an add-on option. MDS solenoid delete plugs aren’t strictly necessary, but it’s a good idea to do things correctly and include some plugs.

6.4 HEMI Cam Specifications

When it comes to 6.4 HEMI camshaft improvements, you’re going to be bombarded with figures. The Comp Stage 2 package, for example, has specs of 222/230.599/.604 115. Those who are unfamiliar with cams are likely to be overwhelmed. I certainly did when I first learned about camshafts. Each number represents the following:

  • valve time @ 0.050′′ lift = 222/230
  • .599/.604 equals valve lift
  • 115 denotes the lobe separation angle (LSA).

The non-MDS 6.4 HEMI camshaft specs are 215/221.574/.541 121. It’s already a lot more aggressive than the 5.7L HEMI’s 186/208.499/.493 115 cam. Anyway, let’s get started and go deeper into the meaning of these cam characteristics.

Duration of 392 HEMI Cam Valve

The first set of values (222/230) represent the intake and exhaust valve durations, respectively. The essential value is duration at 0.050′′, which is the industry standard for aftermarket cam standards. You may also find advertised duration, which is usually 50 percent longer.

The amount of time the intake and exhaust valves are open is measured in degrees of crankshaft rotation. Keeping the valves open for longer periods of time allows you to transfer air in and out more efficiently. It’s especially critical at the high end, where valves move swiftly. In general, a longer (higher) duration aids top-end power, whilst a shorter (lower) duration aids low-end torque.

Camshaft Valve Lift 6.4L V8

In our Comp Cams example, valve lift is the distance in inches that the valves open from their seats. Once again, the numbers denote the intake and exhaust valves. The greater the opening of the 392 HEMI valves, the more air can flow into and out of the cylinders.

Higher lift actually produces more horsepower and torque over the entire RPM range. As a result, unlike valve duration, it is not a compromise for top-end or low-end performance. However, valve lift is limited by a number of reasons.

Because 6.4 HEMI high lift camshafts necessitate valve spring improvements, the cost of adding lift is increased. Regardless of lift, we strongly advise upgrading the valve springs. High lift cams may also necessitate head repair, and there are a few more concerns/issues with running too much lift. Valve lift more than 0.650′′ on HEMI engines is not uncommon in racing.

Valve lift in the.580′′ to.600′′ range is typical for most mild 6.4 HEMI camshaft upgrades. Aggressive options, such as the stage 3 Comp Cams, provide.632/.619 lift. These specifications need the use of a cam phaser limiter or lock kit. More about that in the next sections.

HEMI Cam Lobe Separation Angle (LSA) of 6.4

In our case, the final 115 number is the Lobe Separation Angle (LSA). LSA is the angle between the peak lift of the intake and exhaust lobes. The 6.4 HEMI LSA is essential in more than simply the powerband. It may also have an impact on idle quality, vacuum, and cam rpm range.

LSA is shown as 113+3 on some camshafts, such as the Texas Speed choices. The +3 indicates that the cam timing has been advanced 3 degrees, and this is where things get a lot more complicated. When you contemplate cam timing advance, you must also consider the intake centerline (ICL). This is more technical than we meant for this essay, so we’ll avoid it.

Finally, higher LSA results in a broader powerband and more top-end horsepower. The factory cam’s 121 LSA is higher and more aggressive than most aftermarket choices. Most cam improvements employ an LSA in the 112-118 range, which is a decent starting point. If you’re working with a professional or really know what you’re doing, don’t wander too far from that range.

The 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Upgrade Instructions

Before Camming the 392 HEMI, Consider the Following

Okay, it’s about time to get into the more fascinating parts of this post. However, before we get into the benefits of 6.4 HEMI camshafts and the finest cam upgrade kits, there are a few things to consider.

All of the details emphasize the notion that this isn’t a mod you want to leap into overnight. Make sure to perform enough of research before purchasing cams, or consult with a trustworthy business that can assist you in selecting the best 392 HEMI cams. Anyway, let’s finish these last two issues before moving on to benefits and 6.4 cam upgrade kits.

Upgrades for Chrysler 6.4 HEMI Valve Springs

When discussing 6.4L V8 HEMI valve lift above, valve spring upgrades came up fast. Most aftermarket cams should benefit from increased lift. Remember that increased lift provides benefits over the whole rpm range, and there is no significant trade-off. As a result, cam modifications will produce significant power improvements at valve lift.

Higher lift, on the other hand, puts additional strain on the OEM valve springs. If you’re considering cams with more than.580′′ lift, you should certainly consider valve spring upgrades. The maximum suggested lift for spring kits should be advertised. Furthermore, most cam kits will include the necessary valve spring upgrades for the cam profile.

Limiter or Lock Kits for 6.4L HEMI Cam Phasers

Interference engines are Chrysler HEMI engines. This means that the pistons and valves travel in the same area. As a result, increasing valve lift and duration has some drawbacks. With too much lift and duration, pistons and valves may collide and cause catastrophic damage.

Because the 6.4 HEMI employs Variable Valve Timing (VVT), cam phasers modify cam position on the fly. Because these phasers have a wide range of motion, larger, more aggressive cams can clash with pistons and valves.

392 HEMI cam phaser limiters and lock kits come into play here. The Comp Cams phaser limiter kit restricts cam phasing to 7 cam degrees. This ensures that the pistons and valves have adequate clearance. Another alternative is a lock kit, which completely prevents the cam phasers from shifting. Because some cam phaser movement helps optimal power and torque, we recommend installing a limiter kit rather than a locking kit.

The majority of small stage 1 and 2 cams do not require a limiter or lock kit. They are, however, essential when upgrading to a Comp Cams stage 3 kit with.632′′ of intake lift. If you’re shopping for aggressive 6.4 HEMI camshaft kits, keep this in mind.

Cam Upgrade Kits in Their Entirety

Finally, before we go on to 392 HEMI cam features and upgrade recommendations. While you’re in there fixing the cams, you might want to consider replacing additional pieces. Many stores provide a variety of camera alternatives and/or kits. One option is to buy the camshaft separately. For mild cams, you’ll need an MDS deletion kit and non-MDS lifters. With more aggressive cams, you’ll also need a limiter/lock kit and valve springs.

However, we do not encourage going that path. A 6.4 HEMI camshaft modification is a significant change that is both pricey and difficult to install. It is advisable to do things correctly the first time and purchase a complete kit. This is particularly true of older HEMIs. The Comp Cams Master Cam Kit comprises the camshaft, lifters, limiter, pushrods, valve springs, seats, seals, and a variety of other components. They’re all excellent items to replace or update while you’re in the neighborhood.

While you’re in the neighborhood, it’s also a good idea to change items like head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and other inexpensive parts. This shouldn’t need much, if any, additional labor and ensures a stable configuration in the future.

All of this labor and expense isn’t entirely necessary for a cam upgrade. However, this is another costly and time-consuming improvement. If you have the job done in a shop, it can easily cost $2,500-4,000 or more. This is not a minor project where you can afford to cut costs. Do it correctly the first time to avoid additional costs and headaches later on.

Advantages of 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Upgrade

The following are some of the advantages of upgrading the 6.4L HEMI camshaft:

  • 30-60 horsepower or more
  • 10-30% torsion
  • improved powerband
  • Wonderful sounds

As you may have guessed, all of the advantages of Mopar cam changes are performance-oriented. Large, aggressive high-rpm cams can produce improvements of 60+ horsepower. However, a large cam can degrade low-end performance.

The correct 6.4 HEMI cam, on the other hand, can give significant peak increases while also increasing performance across the full power curve. Peak improvements of 30-50whp are feasible, as is power growth in the low-end and mid-range. These intermediate cams are often the best choice for daily driving and street use.

We also think 392 HEMI camshaft improvements sound fantastic. Your neighbors may not appreciate the sound of a cammed HEMI at 6 a.m. You’ll undoubtedly get a lot of thumbs up and praise from HEMI owners and automobile aficionados alike.

The Very Best 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Kits

If you’ve read this far, you should have a good knowledge of 392 HEMI cam improvements. That was a lot of information to cover, and the post might have been much longer if we went into more technical specifics. Anyway, camshaft modifications are time-consuming and may not be suitable for everyone.

If you’re looking for a 6.4 HEMI camshaft upgrade, you’re in luck. We’ve done all of the research to build a short selection of the top cam kits and upgrades. Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are lots of good cams available. Instead, we’ll concentrate on a few common 6.4L V8 cams that are highly tested, give excellent performance, and are manufactured by reliable, high-quality companies.

*The cams we’re referring to are for normally aspirated (NA) HEMIs. Cam profiles built with boost in mind are best suited for supercharged or turbo applications. Most of the companies we mention have cams for SC and turbo engines as well, so keep that in mind if you plan to add boost in the future.

1) Stage 2 Master Kit for 6.4 HEMI Comp Cams

Price: $1,698.95

Gains in power: 30-50+whp

We mentioned Comp Cams multiple times in this essay for a purpose. When it comes to cam improvements for a variety of cars and engines, they’re the real deal. Comp Cams invests heavily in research and development and testing for their cam kits, and the results and success speak for itself.

Their 6.4 HEMI stage 2 master camshaft kit provides everything you might want in a cam kit. The cam upgrade package contains lifters, a limiter kit, pushrods, valve springs, spring seats, seals, and everything else in between. If you want to do things correctly, this cam kit is an excellent choice.

The camshaft specs for stage 2 are 222/230.599/.604 115LSA. Peak power improvements with the stage 2 cam will most likely be in the 40-50whp range. This camshaft produces a lot of power over the entire rpm range, so you should see some tiny benefits down low as well.

For the 6.4L HEMI, Comp Cams offers some more aggressive stage 3 choices. These alternatives will provide excellent mid-range and top-end performance, but low-end torque will most likely be slightly reduced. Finally, more forceful cams are ideal for race engines or weekend driving. They’re perhaps a little overkill for daily driving or frequent street use.

2) 6.4 HEMI Camshaft Package from Texas Speed

Price: $983.99+

Gains in power: 20-60+whp

The Texas Speed & Performance (TSP) camshaft package comes next. TSP is another well-known and renowned business that produces excellent 6.4 HEMI cam kits. This Texas Speed kit isn’t as comprehensive as the Comp Cams kit above, but it’s still a decent alternative with some nice enhancements like pushrods and valve springs included.

Non-MDS lifters and MDS delete parts are not included in the TSP kit. As a result, if you own an MDS 6.4L V8, you should also get their MDS delete kit. This includes the option for non-MDS lifters, as well as all of the gaskets and bolts that will need to be replaced along the way.

In any case, the cam bundle includes your choice of a camshaft from stage 1 through stage 4. TSP cams all have the same.582/.582 lift, with each higher stage providing more LSA and duration. The stage 3 specs are 223/232.582/.582 113+3, which is extremely comparable to Comp Cams’ stage 2 offering. It’s probably the finest option for most street HEMIs, although the stage 4 is better for racing.

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3) Max Effort Performance Cam Kit for 6.4L V8 MMX

Price: $1,820.00

Gains in power: 30-50+whp

Another excellent alternative is the Modern Muscle Xtreme 6.4 Max Effort Performance Cam. If you’ve had a HEMI for more than three days, you’ve probably heard of MMX. These guys have been around a while and make some fantastic Mopar parts.

It’s the most expensive kit on this list, but it comes with some amazing pieces. The camshaft, Hellcat lifters, pushrods, PSI valve springs, retainers, locators, and the phaser limiter are all included in the MMX cam kit. LSA is 112.5 and duration is 22x/23x. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate valve lift specifications elsewhere.

Nonetheless, the MMX 6.4 HEMI camshaft should outperform the TSP stage 3 and Comp Cams stage 2 camshafts. It’s a high-quality kit with outstanding sound (this is the camera in the movie above).

Summary of the 6.4 HEMI Cam Upgrade

From the factory, the 6.4 HEMI provides adequate power and performance. It does, however, have a lot of aftermarket potential, and a cam modification is one of the greatest mods to harness insane power. A 392 HEMI cam is a sophisticated and significant improvement, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. Before selecting a HEMI cam, consider the following:

MDS and deletion kits

Cam profile and specifications

Kits for phaser limiters

Other upgrade/replacement components

Cams can be intimidating at first, but a little study and reading can go a long way. Those that have read thus far should have a solid foundation to get started on a camshaft modification.

The two most common 6.4 HEMI camshaft upgrades are TSP and Comp Cams. They both make fantastic, high-quality kits with a variety of cam options to meet a variety of aims and purposes. TSP stage 3 and Comp stage 2 are our top picks for most street-driven HEMIs. These cams provide excellent peak improvements of 40-50whp and may even improve low-end torque.