The 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrade Instructions

The 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrade Instructions. The 6.4 HEMI engine is well-known for being a strong V8, especially with some simple bolt-on improvements. The first version of this engine, with 525 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque, was released by Chrysler in 2005. Dodge released the 6.4 HEMI in their SRT8 lineup in 2011, with 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.

A cold air intake improvement is one of the greatest solutions for individuals looking to increase their power and performance. These 6.4-liter engines respond well to changes, but how do they react specifically to an improved air intake? Cold air intake modifications increase power, efficiency, and induction sound. Simply put, increased airflow allows for increased power.

The many sorts of available intake enhancements provide varying benefits. This article will highlight some of our most highly suggested air intakes and discuss their various benefits. For more information on your 392 HEMI, see our earlier post on the four most typical 6.4 Hemi engine problems. We shall use the following nomenclature in this article: 392 HEMI, 6.4 HEMI, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, or Ram 6.4 HEMI. To avoid any confusion, these designations all refer to the same engine.

The 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrade Instructions

6.4 Advantages of HEMI Intake Upgrade

This tutorial will assist you in analysing the benefits and gains of upgrading the intake on a stock 6.4L HEMI engine. The stock intake of the 6.4 HEMI is efficient on engines that have not been heavily modified. However, when your horsepower increases, an upgraded cold air intake may be required to realise your engine’s full potential.

Stock intake systems in the 392 HEMI can limit supporting changes. It is critical to properly balance your vehicle’s upgrades and changes. To maximise your car’s performance, you’ll need a variety of supporting upgrades, not just one, regardless of its quality, price, or promised promises. The following are some of the advantages of a 6.4 HEMI intake upgrade:

  • Gains of 3-10 horsepower
  • Gains of 5 to 15 wtq
  • Improved total airflow by 20-50%
  • Improvement in MPG/gas mileage
  • improved throttle responsiveness
  • Induction noises that are louder

A decent tune and regular engine maintenance can have a major impact on the outcomes indicated above. With a tune, an improved intake may add significant horsepower to the 6.4 HEMI. Thus, without a tune, adequate supporting mods, and correct maintenance, an intake will provide significantly less overall benefit.

Other Systems vs. 6.4L HEMI Cold Air Intake

Cold air intakes are classified into two types: closed and open. To reduce induction noise, closed intakes are housed or boxed within an enclosure. Because there is no surrounding enclosure, open intakes generate the maximum airflow and consequently produce a louder induction sound.

The “short ram” and the conventional cold air intake are two more types of intakes. Short ram intakes are designed to reduce friction and boost engine airflow. Cold Air Intakes differ in that the filter is re-routed to a cooler section of the engine bay, allowing cooler air to enter the intake.

Due to the high demand and ease of installation on many cars, the industry manufactures a wide range of classic cold air intake systems (closed or open). Because our recommended intake changes are easier to install, they are also easier to maintain and fix. Now, let’s get into our list of the top three intake improvements for the 6.4 Hemi engine.

Upgrades for the 6.4 HEMI Intake

There are numerous intake alternatives for the 6.4L Hemi on the market. We’ll go through a handful of our top picks, as well as their performance and pricing. It is critical to first decide whether you want an open or closed intake upgrade before narrowing down the finest options for your 6.4 HEMI.

Because the 6.4 HEMI engine was used in a variety of models, different fitments may be linked with these recommendations. Before purchasing any enhancement for your vehicle, it is always critical to ensure proper fitment. A fast Google search can immediately identify the correct fitment for your individual model. Many distributors will include the precise fitting fitment for the specific vehicle in the product description.

Finally, let’s look at some of the best cold air intake mods for the 6.4 HEMI that made our list.

1) K&N Typhoon Series 69 Cold Air Intake

K&N is a well-known brand known for its wide range of air intakes and accessories. This open-air intake is ideal for individuals looking to boost power with a solid product. The K&N Typhoon is made of streamlined aluminium tubing and has an easy-access filter. This enables for easier maintenance and repairs, as well as a cleaner overall engine bay look.

K&N’s Series 69 Typhoon is an open cold air intake improvement available for mostly 2011-2022 6.4 Hemi Chargers (without shaker hoods), as seen below. This product also does not require any calibration prior to installation. Because this product was designed to be a direct fit replacement for OE air intake systems, installation should be simple. Most drivers recognise K&N intakes as high-quality and dependable. This Tycoon Series 69 intake also comes with K&N’s “10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.”

The 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrade Instructions

The price of this cold air intake modification is now $419. It’s unquestionably a high-quality and reliable alternative for anyone looking for more power for their 6.4L HEMI.

Best 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrades – 6.4L V8 Intake

Price: $420

2) 6.4L HEMI SB Intake

Our advice is for a closed 6.4 Hemi intake with the ability to convert to an open intake. This intake is designed to fit Ram 2500-3500 models from the last three years of manufacture. When reading any particularly advertised horsepower gains, use cautious (there are too many variables). That being said, this S&B enhanced filter will undoubtedly improve the performance and overall sound of your 6.4L Hemi engine.

This covered box has two purposes: it keeps dirt and debris out of the filter and it displaces heat around the air intake. The closed intake can be simply converted into an open system by removing the top part. The straightforward installation is intended for multiple Dodge Ram pickups with varying power improvements. As we’ve emphasised numerous times, a simple installation means less maintenance and repairs. The silicon housing and snap-on lid can withstand temperatures of 400°F without deterioration or breaking.

This intake promises to deliver the healthy performance sound that many truck drivers crave. S&B’s closed box update, which costs $349, is difficult to overlook in terms of power and performance.

The 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrade Instructions

Cold Air Intake for Dodge 392 HEMI

Price: $350

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3) Cold Air Intake K&N Blackhawk

The K&N Blackhawk intake completes our list of suggestions for 6.4 Hemi intake improvements. Even if the intake looks like it was designed by Johnny Cash himself, this option nonetheless ensures an increase in power and performance at a reasonable price: $449. Given the “Million Mile Limited Warranty” that K&N provides with the majority of their enhanced filters on the market, that price is reasonable.

This cold air inlet also improves throttle response. The powder-coated welded aluminium intake combines high-quality materials and aesthetics. This intake will not only offer a clean look to your engine bay, but it will also provide the extra induction noise that many drivers seek. With the K&N Blackhawk Cold Air Intake, you may obtain more power, better induction sounds, and easier access and maintenance.

The 6.4 HEMI Intake Upgrade Instructions

Price: $450

Summary of Dodge 392 V8 Intake Upgrades

Increasing your horsepower and torque is based on a variety of factors, including greater airflow. 6.4 HEMI intake improvements are the logical next step in achieving full engine power and performance with greater airflow. As previously stated, an improved intake significantly improves induction sounds and horsepower. An improved air intake system can help increase engine mileage and lifetime.

There are no wrong choices for your 392 HEMI intake modification as long as you pick recognised companies with high-quality fabrication materials. However, keep in mind that the key aim is to upgrade your stock intake to boost healthy airflow, not the brand or specific intake you choose.

We looked at three of our top recommendations, but there are many other possibilities for intake enhancements. First, understand your fitment and manufacturer, then examine reviews, power improvements, and noise differential to make an informed decision. There are numerous 6.4 HEMI engine options to choose from.