The Downpipe Upgrade for the Evo X

The Downpipe Upgrade for the Evo X. The Mitsubishi Evo X is one of the world’s most iconic and sought-after modern tuner cards. It is the tenth version of the classic Lancer Evolution, which debuted in 2008 model year. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi withdrew it after 2015, making it one of the most popular used options. The 4B11 engine, a turbocharged 2.0 liter inline-4 that produces 303 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels, powers the Evolution X. The real fun with the 4B11, though, comes from customizing it and adding a lot more power.

A downpipe is one of the most popular Evolution X mods. An Evo X downpipe improvement is an excellent technique to increase horsepower and torque while decreasing turbo spool and responsiveness. In this tutorial, we will look at the benefits of upgrading your downpipe, followed by a list of our top picks for the best downpipes on the market. Previously, we looked at Evo X coilover upgrades as well as the Top seven Evo X mods, and now we’re only looking at downpipes.

What exactly is a Downpipe (DP)?

Let’s start with what a downpipe is and why you’d want to replace it. The downpipe is the section of the 4B11 exhaust system that connects to your turbocharger. However, the Evo X exhaust system differs from that of other turbocharged vehicles.

Most turbocharged vehicles have at least one catalytic converter in the downpipe. The catalytic converter, on the other hand, is positioned in the test pipe on the Evo X. This means you can upgrade the downpipe while remaining emission-free. Unfortunately, you will not experience nearly the same benefits as other vehicles with improved downpipes.

Still, Evo X downpipe improvements will improve exhaust flow while increasing horsepower and torque. After replacing the downpipe, you will notice an enhanced and more forceful sound from the exhaust. The majority of Evo X downpipes are 3″ in diameter, which is larger than the stock 2.5″ in diameter. Because it moves a lot more air, the larger pipe creates more power and sound.

Divorced Downpipes vs. Widemouth Downpipes

There are two primary possibilities for an Evo X downpipe upgrade: widemouth or detached design. They have a similar flow and performance, and their decibel levels are similarly comparable. The way they link to the turbocharger is what distinguishes them.

A separated downpipe consists of two distinct tubes, one much smaller than the other, that connect to the turbo. The bigger tube is used to cover the turbine outlet, while the smaller tube is used to cover the wastegate outlet. They finally come together in the middle of the downpipe. This is in contrast to a widemouth downpipe, which has a single exit and covers both the wastegate and turbine exits with a single huge tube.

The goal of a divorced downpipe is to prevent boost creep and potential turbulence in the exhaust flow. The flow can be better and more smoothly managed by allowing for two smaller exits rather than one bigger one.

Widemouth designs are prone to boost creep, which occurs when the turbo continues to produce boost even when it should be tapering down. This is troublesome because if boost cannot be regulated, the engine can run lean, resulting in detonation and pre-ignition. This has the potential to result in catastrophic engine failure. With catless test pipes, the boost creep effect is amplified.

Dump Tubes That Have Been Separated

The smaller tube that covers the wastegate outlet on detached downpipes is known as the wastegate “dump tube.” Partway down the downpipe, the dump tube is integrated into the bigger tube on some downpipes. However, some dump tubes have the option of being left open and unconnected. This not only amplifies the downpipe’s sound to epic levels, but it also draws a lot of attention. This setting is best saved for race cars because it is completely thundering.

Advantages of an Evo X Downpipe Upgrade

Most customers who consider an Evo X downpipe upgrade are focused with more horsepower and torque, but there are several other advantages.

  • +10-15 horses/torque
  • enhanced turbo efficiency
  • faster turbo spool
  • Exhaust tone that is louder and more forceful
  • Backpressure has been reduced.
  • EGT has been reduced.

The 4B11 will gain 10-15 horsepower and 10-15 lb-ft of torque with an improved downpipe. The advantages would be greater if the catalytic converter was removed, but that is not the case with these downpipes. Still, there will be some notable power improvements, and the car will feel much more alive.

Reduced backpressure, which improves in both turbo efficiency and spool, is one of the most significant benefits of an aftermarket downpipe. Because of the ability to push exhaust gas through more quickly and easily, your turbo will spool substantially faster following an Evo X downpipe installation. This also lowers the exhaust gas temperature (EGT), making the engine and turbo perform more effectively.

Furthermore, an Evo X DP upgrade will improve the sound quality. The tone will be more forceful, deeper, and much louder. This is especially noticeable when combined with an aftermarket test pipe and cat back. Especially if the dump tube is open.

Considerations for Tuning

After upgrading to a new downpipe on the Evo X, tuning is not required, but it is always suggested for the greatest improvements. By raising boost, tuners can take advantage of the lower backpressure and higher flow. This increases power throughout the powerband, making the automobile stronger and faster everywhere.

Evo X Downpipes That Work

Let’s dive into the suggestions now that we’ve covered the pros and logic behind an Evo X downpipe modification. Rather than a full list, we will examine the top four Evo X downpipe improvements in terms of price, quality, reputation, and performance.

1) Evo X Widemouth DP from AMS Performance

Price: $529.95

Widemouth design


The AMS Evo X Widemouth Downpipe is first on our list. It has a widemouth design and is one of the most popular and highly regarded downpipes on the market. The Evo X AMS downpipe offers an excellent value for money while also providing excellent fitment and quality. They are made entirely of 304 stainless steel and are 3″ in diameter throughout, providing for optimum benefits.

After installing the AMS downpipe, the Lancer Evolution X will gain 10-15 horsepower and torque. You should also notice a significant improvement in turbo spool. It is one of the best downpipes on the market and has been used on some serious horsepower builds. The direct OEM fitting of the AMS Evo X downpipe to the turbo and test pipe makes it an excellent first upgrade for many hobbyists.

2) Divorced ETS Evo X Downpipe

Price: $695.00 – $795.00

Divorced is a design.

The Downpipe Upgrade for the Evo X

The Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Divorced Dump Downpipe is the next item on our list. It’s a separated downpipe with two dump tube options: recirculated or open. The recirculated option incorporates the dump tube into the bigger tube, whereas the open option allows it to vent to the atmosphere. The open option is significantly louder and is best suited for specialized track or display cars.

With the ETS split downpipe, the Lancer Evolution X will gain 10-15 horsepower and torque. The only variation between the two versions of the dump tube is the sound. ETS’s downpipe has been utilized on some very memorable builds, including some 7 second Evo Xs, as is customary.

The ETS tube, like the AMS Performance DP, has direct OEM fitting to the test pipe and turbo. The ETS downpipe has excellent fitment and quality, and consumers can’t go wrong installing it on their 4B11.

3) Downpipe MAPerformance Evo X O2 Eliminator

Price: $793.49 – $811.89

Divorced is a design.

The Downpipe Upgrade for the Evo X

The MAPerformance Evo X Eliminator Downpipe is one of the market’s most proven and tested downpipes. It is well-known for being a superbly developed and fabricated downpipe capable of producing 10-15 horsepower and torque increases. For a very affordable price, the MAPerformance Eliminator downpipe is also available with ceramic coating.

The MAPerformance Eliminator is an excellent Evo X DP upgrade option. It’s divorced with a recirculated disposal tube. The dump tube reduces boost creep and provides the option of a CNC 3D contoured flange for larger turbos. The name O2 Eliminator originates from the incorporated O2 sensor housing, which is not found on all downpipes.

4) Downpipe Tomei Evo X Widemouth

Price: $531.00

Widemouth design

The Tomei Evo X 3″ Widemouth Downpipe is the final item on our list. It’s a widemouth downpipe with a full 3″ diameter throughout, much like the AMS. It’s a good choice for the 4B11, and Tomei is well-known for their high quality and fitting.

Installing this downpipe on the Evo X will gain 10-15 horsepower and torque while also reducing spool time and backpressure. The Tomei is well-known for being one of the market’s loudest alternatives. It also has an exhaust heat blanket to help with flow.

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Summary of the Evo X Downpipe Upgrade

In terms of modification, an Evo X downpipe upgrade is one of the better options. It keeps the car’s emissions under control while still delivering plenty of horsepower and torque. The volume boost is also welcome, adding a distinct and forceful tone to the exhaust.

Not only are the power gains impressive, but so are the lower back pressure and EGTs. Reduced back pressure causes the turbo to spool faster and function more efficiently, extending the power spectrum significantly.

This post examined four of the best Lancer Evo X downpipe mods, including divorced and widemouth choices. The ETS and MAPerformance are both excellent divorced style alternatives at comparable prices. Both are made in the United States, with the ETS having the option of an open dump tube. Similarly, the AMS Performance and Tomei downpipes are excellent widemouth alternatives. They are practically comparable in terms of quality and pricing, with AMS receiving the nod due to its reputation in the community.