The Guide to Infiniti G37 Coilovers

The Guide to Infiniti G37 Coilovers. At this point, the Infiniti G37 has established itself in the automotive community as a bit of a jack of all crafts. G37s are dependable, speedy, and highly customizable. In reality, much of the G37’s buried power can be unlocked through changes. G37 coilovers are an excellent way to improve not only the performance of your Infinity but also its appearance while cruising or parked.

Upgraded suspension is an important part of the equation whether you plan on drifting, racing, or showing off your G37. For good reason, coilovers are the most popular aftermarket suspension option for G37s and many other vehicles. Because of their adaptability, they are suitable for practically every application. G37 coilovers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of characteristics. As a result, navigating the world of G37 coilovers might be difficult. This post will go through the advantages of G37 coilovers and perhaps make choosing your ideal set a little easier.

The Guide to Infiniti G37 Coilovers


Considerations for Infiniti G37 Coilovers

As we discussed briefly before, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best coilovers for your G37. The ability to raise and lower coilovers depending on your configuration is the most appealing feature of coilovers as a suspension option. Aside from simple ride height adjustment, coilovers frequently include damping control, various spring rates, and camber control, all of which influence how your G37 handles and looks.

G37 coilovers are available in a variety of price points in addition to varied constructions. More expensive G37 coilovers are built better and have more features and flexibility. However, there are inexpensive choices available that strike a fair balance between construction quality and pricing.

Damping can be adjusted.

Damping control is one of the most popular adjustable features on a good set of coilovers. The compression and rebound of the coil springs are controlled by shocks. They effectively regulate how far the springs compress and how much “rebound” they have after compression. Damping that is stiffer will have less compression and rebound. Softer dampening allows for more compression and rebound, resulting in a smoother ride.

Adjustable damping allows you to alter the level of rigidity provided by your G37 coilovers. Adjustable damping has a couple of advantages. For example, if you install coilovers on your daily-driven G37 and also take it to track days on sometimes, you won’t want your coilovers to be in track mode all of the time. If your coilovers have adjustable damping, simply set them to a milder level for everyday use and stiffen them for track use.

Most G37 coilover setups that do not include adjustable damping are factory calibrated to strike a balance between performance and comfort. They won’t be the most comfy, but neither will they be the stiffest. It is critical to examine your requirements and make a selection based on how you want to use your G37. If you do a lot of performance driving and also drive your G37 on a daily basis, adjustable damping is nearly a must. However, if you are only interested in the aesthetic benefits of a coilover configuration and aren’t concerned with performance, a non-adjustable set should suffice.

Rates for the Spring

Spring rates have an impact on almost every aspect of a coilover suspension system. Because the springs bear the weight of the vehicle, their stiffness has a significant impact on how the suspension performs. Softer springs are frequently associated with a more comfortable ride, whilst stiffer springs enable flatter and more controlled cornering.

Ride height is often lower with softer springs than with stronger springs. Stiffer springs are the better option for people looking for a slammed / stance look, as they prevent a low G37 from making contact with the ground.

Spring rates are expressed as pounds per inch. A spring rate of 500lbs/in means that it takes 500lbs of power to compress the spring 1 inch. As a result, the higher the spring rate, the stiffer the ride experience.

For daily use, you’ll want a good combination of comfort and stiffness. For slammed/stance, spring rates on the upper end will provide more stiffness. Dedicated race vehicles with top-of-the-line setups have weaker spring rates but provide independent rebound, compression, and power adjustments for optimal tunability.

Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers for the Infiniti G35

In general, coilovers are the superior suspension option for your G37. While lowering springs may be a less expensive way to accommodate larger wheels and tires while also lowering your G37 by a little amount, performance is undoubtedly affected. Lowering springs also miss the majority of the adjustability provided by coilovers. The majority of lowering spring choices lack adjustable ride height and damping control.

Certain G37 lowering spring choices from reputable manufacturers can enhance performance marginally over stock suspension, but not nearly as much as coilovers can. Most of the time, it is best to wait and save for coilovers.

Advantages of Infiniti G37 Coilovers Upgrade

Aside from the performance and lowering benefits, coilovers are one of the better modifications over the original G35 stock suspension. With these vehicles being 15+ years old, you will notice a significant improvement over the factory suspension if you have never changed it out previously. Furthermore, if you need to replace your original suspension, coilovers are around the same price as all of the OEM components, making them an excellent choice.

Coilovers are the best solution to increase ride quality and handling for stance, daily driving, track days, suspension refreshes, and so on.

  • Ride height can be adjusted to be up to 4″ lower than stock.
  • Better cornering and handling control, with less body roll
  • Ride quality that is more comfortable than stock suspension and lowering springs
  • Adjustable dampening (with more expensive systems)
  • The most suitable replacement for worn factory suspension

Best Coilovers for the Infiniti G37

When it comes to G37 coilovers, the phrase “best” can be construed in a variety of ways. Because coilovers are the finest suspension option for so many applications, the decision ultimately comes down to pricing and intended use.

To make things easier, we’ll categorize our top G37 coilover alternatives by price. It is commonly considered that as the price of coilovers rises, so will the quality. The same can be said about this. Having said that, none of the coilovers on our list are of terrible quality. Most G37 drivers searching for a small dip and improved cornering performance will be satisfied with entry-level coilovers.

Also, keep in mind that coilover installation differs between AWD and RWD vehicles. Before purchase, ensure appropriate fitting.

1) Set of Raceland G37 Classic Coilovers

Stance, Budget Friendly, Entry Level, Daily Driver are the best applications.

Price: $539.00

Drop: 1-3”

Rates in the Spring:

Front: 570 pounds per inch

Back: 430 lbs/in

Damping Control: Fixed damping

The Guide to Infiniti G37 Coilovers

For good reason, Raceland is a household name in the automotive business. They are well-known for offering the best entry-level coilovers for those on a budget. Raceland provides a large selection of coilovers for hundreds of vehicles, including the G37. And provides excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty.

Raceland now sells one set of G37 coilovers for 2008+ RWD vehicles. Outside of the G37X / AWD series, the Raceland G37 Classic set is compatible with all G37 vehicles. Their design is best suited for individuals seeking the cosmetic benefits that coilovers provide. The G37 Classic coilovers are a fantastic entry-level alternative for people wishing to close the wheel gap without breaking the budget because they offer a 1-3″ drop.

They’re also one of the more practical solutions for daily drivers on this list. Because of their twin-tube structure and milder spring rates, they provide a more comfortable ride than many other high-performance choices. That is not to imply that G37 Racelands will not improve your performance. In reality, they are designed to strike a compromise between performance and comfort.

It is worth noting for some that the Classic set does not include adjustable damping. At this pricing point, this is to be anticipated. However, for the G37 driver looking for an entry-level coilover setup, this shouldn’t be a big deal. Most people should be satisfied with the ride quality.

2) Coilovers Tein Flex Z G37

High-Performance Street Driving, Stiffer Stance Option, Light Track Duty are the best applications.

Price: $829.95


Front: 0.5-4.9″

Rear: 0.6-2.2”

Front spring rates: 672 lbs/in

560 lbs/in at the rear

Damping Control: 16-Way Damping Adjustment

Tein is another well-known brand that has been in the coilover business for many years. Their Flex Z G37 coilovers are a popular choice for individuals searching for somewhat more performance than entry-level choices. The Flex Zs is a better track-oriented choice thanks to 16-way adjustable dampening and firmer springs.

The firmer springs also allow you to go lower without fear of bottoming out or compromising ride quality. While the Teins are stiffer than the Racelands, they also have a twin-tube design that helps their everyday drivability. Adjustable damping means you can soften the rebound if it’s too stiff out of the box.

The Tein Flex Z G37 Coilover set, like the Racelands, comes ready to install on all non-AWD 2008+ Infiniti G37s. Unfortunately, the suspension mounting positions on AWD G37s do not allow for simple coilover installation, which explains why there are so few options available.

Tein Flex Z G37 Coilovers are the greatest alternative for individuals who want to get the most out of a stiffer coilover setup without losing too much comfort. Their prices are also very reasonable.

3) Coilovers KW Variant 1 G37

Best Use: No Compromise Track Use, Maximum Performance

Price: $1,684.00


Front: 0.6-2.0″

Rear: 0.4-1.7”

Rates for Spring: Progressive Spring Rates

Damping Adjustment: Factory Damping Fine-Tuned

The Guide to Infiniti G37 Coilovers

In terms of raw performance, KW has always been and will likely always be the premier coilover option. The German manufacturer is well-known for its high-quality construction materials and precision tuning.

To satisfy the high requirements of our KW quality management, every KW coilover kit is subjected to comprehensive stress testing before to manufacturing and is developed and manufactured exclusively in their business headquarters in Fichtenberg, a small town in Germany. KW coilovers have been employed successfully in a plethora of high-performance vehicles.

KWs are not a good alternative for a daily driven G37 because they are highly specialized for track performance. They’re also not the ideal choice for stance applications because the maximum drop is so low. They are, however, without a doubt the greatest option on this list if you are searching for coilovers for your specialized track-spec G37.

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Summary of Infiniti G37 Coilovers

The Infiniti G37 is a fantastic car on its own, and it gets even better with some performance upgrades. G37 coilovers are an excellent way to improve not just the handling but also the appearance of your vehicle.

There are numerous G37 coilover versions available at various price points and for various uses. If you’re solely interested in the visual benefits that G37 coilovers can provide, Racelands are a low-cost and effective option.

If you want a bit more cornering performance from your G37, it might be worth paying a little more money for a somewhat more premium option. Tein coilovers are well-known for being among the best mid-range alternatives for a wide range of vehicles, including the G37. The Flex Zs, in addition to having somewhat stiffer springs, also have variable damping, making them an excellent alternative for a daily-driven G37 with track day potential.

Finally, KW coilovers are clearly the best option for a dedicated track-focused G37 coilover alternative. While they are unquestionably more expensive than the other options on the list, the build quality and specialty experience provided by KW justifies the high price.

At the end of the day, there is no correct or incorrect answer. Choose the set that best fits your intended use.