The Guide to Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrades

The Guide to Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrades. Upgrading your Wrangler TJ seats is a terrific way to update the design of your interior and replace those worn-out OEM seats. If you do a lot of off-roading or trail driving, you might want a seat with a little more support and comfort.

Whatever you’re looking for, this list will include our finest Wrangler TJ seat upgrades. We’ll go through things like side and thigh bolsters, seat width, bracket mounting, and harnesses. Basically, we’ll go over everything you need to know about new TJ seats.

The Guide to Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrades

Wrangler TJ Seat Fundamentals

Not every seat is the same. There are several significant topics to explore outside than design. The height of the base dictates how high or low you will sit. The amount of bolstering determines how snug and tight the seat embraces you. You can also choose between reclining and fixed-back seating. Seat belts or multi-point harnesses are a significant consideration aside from the seat itself. Finally, most aftermarket seats do not bolt directly into the TJ, so proper seat brackets are required.

This section will go over all of the fundamentals before delving into the finest Wrangler TJ seats.

Height of the Seat Base

Seats have varying base heights, which influence how high or low you sit. On the TJ, keeping the base height between 3.5′′ and 5′′ is ideal. If you use aftermarket brackets, ensure sure they are the same height as the standard brackets; otherwise, seat height may be affected.

A 3.5′′ base height will give you roughly the same height as stock. Many aftermarket seats have 4.5′′ base heights, which provide a slight boost over stock – which most people prefer. It’s ultimately up to personal preference, but sticking to the 3′′ to 5′′ range is most appropriate and won’t make a significant difference over the stock chairs.

Bolsters for the sides and thighs

Aftermarket seats are also not often built to be one-size-fits-all. Seats will have varying widths and bolstering configurations, which may limit your seating options based on your size. Some of the more basic seats will fit almost anyone, but if you want an offroading or trail seat, you will want a tighter fit.

Bolstering refers to the side and thigh support provided by the seat. To help reduce body movement while cornering and hard riding, side bolsters protrude and grip your love handles and ribs. Thigh bolsters protrude from the seat cushion, immobilizing your legs and hips.

A seat with additional bolster is advised if you are looking for offroad or trail seating. It will fit you much better and assist keep you in your seat. The bolstering on most aftermarket seats isn’t overly aggressive, so they’re still fairly pleasant for daily driving. Just keep in mind that some seats provide more and others provide less. In our top TJ seat list, we’ll highlight which is great for what.

Harnesses and belts

If you’re simply replacing your factory seats, you’ll probably want to keep your stock seatbelt. If you’re putting together a trail rig, you should think about getting a multi-point harness. The stock seat belt can work with any seat. If you want a seat harness, you will need to purchase an aftermarket seat that is compatible with a variety of seat harnesses.

Shoulder passthrough points will very certainly be required for 3- or 4-point harnesses. You will need an anti-submarine harness in between your legs if you desire a 5 or 6-point harness.

Seat Supports

There aren’t many possibilities for direct bolt-ons on the market. As a result, seat upgrades will necessitate the use of either whole aftermarket brackets or bracket adapters. Complete brackets replace the entire factory bracket, whereas adapters bolt on top of the factory brackets, allowing you to preserve your power seats and other features.

Brand-specific brackets will be used. For example, if you wish to install a Corbeau seat, you’ll need a Corbeau bracket. And vice versa for each other brand you select.

Furthermore, seat fitment for the Wrangler TJ varies from year to year. Versions from 1997 to 2002 have a different bracket and mounting arrangement than versions from 2003 to 2006. Most seats are universal, and the brackets are year specific, but some seats are also year specific, so double verify fitment. Corbeau, for example, is a global brand, whereas Rugged Ridge has some year-specific chairs.

Best Aftermarket Wrangler TJ Seats

  • Trailcat by Corbeau
  • XRS Corbeau Baja
  • Standard Smittybuild
  • High Ridge Rugged Ridge
  • Seats Corbeau Sport

Because all of our favorite seats recline, we didn’t consider fixed back options. If you want a genuine “bucket” seat, we offer the Baja JP seats, which look great and are extremely comfy – you simply lose the ability to adjust the backrest.

1) Trailcat Seats by Wrangler TJ Corbeau

The Trailcat seats from Corbeau are our favorite for the TJ. They aren’t the cheapest seats on the market, but they are, in our opinion, the most attractive. Furthermore, they provide enough side and thigh bolster to make them suitable for off-road driving while remaining perfectly comfortable for daily use.

This seat has shoulder passthroughs for various harness options, making it ideal for more severe offroad projects. The seat is suitable for most people with a waist size of up to 40 inches; anything larger and the bolsters may be too snug. It also offers anti-submarine harness, lumbar support, and seat heaters as options. It features a 4.5′′ base height, which gives it a slight height advantage over stock.

Overall, this is the best combination of looks, performance, and pricing on the market.

Price: $959 for two people / $479 per seat

Wrangler TJ Corbeau Trailcat Seats

2) Bucket Seats for Jeep TJ Baja XRS

The suspension seats of the Baja XRS are distinctive. They contain suspension-type components that help absorb bumps. With shoulder passthrough openings and robust side and thigh bolsters, this could be the best offroading seat on the market.

The XRS is comfortable up to a 42′′ waist and is an excellent choice for both trails and regular driving. It’s an exceptionally versatile seat that can be used for everything from daily cars to severe offroad builds, making it one of our favorites. They look great in the TJ and come in a variety of colors, making them an excellent addition. The 3.5′′ base of the XRS makes it somewhat shorter than the Trailcat but quite similar in height to stock.

If you want a seat that works well on both flat roads and trails, this is the finest option. It also has suspension technology that the Trailcat lacks.

Price: $959 for two people / $479 per seat

The Guide to Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrades

3) Standard Smittybilt Seats

Smittybilt chairs aren’t the most luxurious or comfortable TJ seats. However, they are among the best low-cost seats available. If you simply want a budget-friendly seat update and want to save money, these seats are the way to go. They are roughly $300 per seat less than Corbeau’s and their seat brackets are just about $60 each, giving you completely new seats for about $360.

These chairs contain a light amount of side and thigh bolstering, but no shoulder passthroughs. As a result, these seats aren’t going to be ideal for off-roading. However, they are adequate for a stock seat refresh, which is why they are included on our list.

Price: $299 per seat, plus around $60 per bracket

4) TJ Seats Rugged Ridge High Back

Rugged Ridge is another good low-cost seat choice for the TJ. If you don’t need reclining seats, they have an option for as little as $189, and their adapters are also quite low. Outside of the High-Back seat, Rugged Ridge offers a variety of low-cost seating options. Keep in mind that some of their seats will not fit 2003-2006 models.

These seats are made to look exactly like the factory seats, making them an excellent refresh alternative. They’ll be more comfy than your worn-out stock seats, but they’re not designed for much more than daily street driving. There are a couple more sport-friendly seat alternatives available, but whenever the prices start to rise, we advocate making the switch to Corbeau.

Price per seat: $189-299

5) TJ Corbeau Sport Seat by Wrangler

The Sport Seat from Corbeau should have been number three on our list, but I wanted to include some of the most affordable options. Corbeau does, however, provide a more cheap seat alternative for individuals looking for updated seats but without the need for complex suspension technologies, shoulder passthroughs, and so on.

The Guide to Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrades

The Sport Seat is made to look like the stock seats, but it does have some moderate side and thigh bolsters for a touch more snugness than the stock seats. They are available in black, tan, charcoal, and spice to compliment your existing interior. It’s a reclining seat with a 4.5″ height, so it’ll sit somewhat higher than standard but otherwise look and feel the same.

Finally, this is an excellent less expensive choice that provides some comfort but isn’t as aggressive as some of the more trail-oriented chairs.

Price: $759 for two people / $379 per seat

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Bench Seats in the Back

It’s a great idea to match your back bench seat to your front seats. Most manufacturers also include rear bench seats. Corbeau provides both a Baja and a Safari style rear bench seat that may be matched to the front seat of your choice.

The 40′′ Baja Bench seat from Corbeau is a direct bolt-on for all TJ Wranglers, saving the cost of an aftermarket bracket and making it a bit more affordable.

Summary of Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrades

Upgraded TJ seats are one of the best interior mods for the Wrangler, whether you want to replace your worn original seats or need something more offroad friendly. New seats will not only improve the interior’s appearance but will also increase comfort. When selecting new seats, there are several factors to consider. Height, bolsters, and harness capabilities are all important factors to consider. Offroad Jeep seats should have extra bolstering and seat harness capability. Although there are a few direct bolt-in seats available, the vast majority of aftermarket seats will also require aftermarket mounting brackets.

Corbeau makes our favorite Jeep seats. They specialize in Jeep seats and are the market’s finest quality manufacturer. There are a few more affordable solutions that will suffice for daily driver refreshes, but the quality and comfort just don’t equal what Corbeau is offering.