The Guide to Subaru WRX Coilovers

The Guide to Subaru WRX Coilovers. The Subaru WRX is an incredible car with rich roots in the rally car world. The car already has excellent performance and handling right out of the box. The WRX platform, on the other hand, is incredibly mod-friendly. A set of Subaru WRX coilovers is one of the best upgrades. They have something to offer whether you want to improve your stance, lower your car, improve your handling, or simply replace your old suspension. This post will go over the greatest Impreza WRX coilovers, their benefits, lowering, pricing, and more.

*This instruction applies to all Subaru WRX models from any year. However, because exact fitting varies, not all of the parts we discuss will fit all years and WRX models. Having said that, we’ll mostly concentrate on coilovers with options for all years.

The Guide to Subaru WRX Coilovers

Introduction to Subaru WRX Coilovers

Depending on how detailed you want to get, coilovers can be a lengthy topic. There are twin-tube, mono-tube, damping adjustments, ride height, and many other topics to cover. We’ll go over much of this in a bit, but first let’s go over the fundamentals. What exactly are WRX coilovers? What is the difference between coilovers and regular shocks or struts, and how do they work. And what role do coil springs have in this discussion?

These are all reasonable concerns. If this is your first time around the block, suspension upgrades might be somewhat perplexing. There are many different pieces, and names are occasionally used interchangeably. But don’t worry. In this article, we will cover the fundamentals of coilovers before moving on to more in-depth topics and finally recommending some of the best Subaru Impreza coilovers.

What Exactly Are Coilovers?

To comprehend coilovers, it’s best to first understand shock absorbers, sometimes known as shocks. Shocks are hydraulic pumps that reduce impacts by using fluids and/or gas. They provide to a smooth, comfortable ride over difficult terrain. When a shock absorber is mounted on its own, it is just that: a shock absorber.

Struts come next. A strut is a shock absorber with a coil spring collar attached. The coil spring is then installed on the shock and coils over the shock. These are sometimes described to as coilovers, which isn’t entirely true. It’s a spring coiling over the shock once more.

A genuine coilover is comparable to a strut, except it allows you to alter the ride height. A threaded shock body is used to do this. As a result, the coil spring collar can travel up and down. You may mount the spring at various heights to efficiently modify the ride height of the car.

Coil Springs for WRX

Coil springs are the final topic of discussion to help tie everything together. Coilovers, once again, combine coil springs and shocks. Coil springs are probably the most crucial part of any suspension arrangement. Springs, not shocks, support the full weight of the WRX. As a result, springs play a significant influence in the handling of the Subaru WRX.

Body roll is controlled by the coil springs while cornering, braking, and accelerating. They also keep the shocks from bottoming out on the bump stops. There’s a lot that goes into coil springs, and selecting the correct springs for your needs is crucial. In the following sections, we will return to this subject.

The Advantages of Impreza WRX Coilover Upgrades

Subaru WRX coilovers have a lot of potential for a variety of aims. Coilovers don’t have to be all about performance or handling. The following are some of the advantages of WRX coilovers:

  • Change the riding height (lowering or stance).
  • Damping can be adjusted.
  • Improve handling, braking, and so on.
  • Enhance ride quality and comfort
  • Replace worn-out suspension components.

To be clear, you’re unlikely to get all of these advantages from a single pair of coilovers. As a result, when acquiring WRX coilovers, it’s critical to understand your objectives. If you want aggressive street or track coilovers, you’ll generally have to give up some comfort. Those wishing to replace aging suspension with simple coilover installations may find more comfort.

In any case, coilovers provide numerous alternatives. From entry-level street performance to stance and lowering to full-on track coilovers, there’s something for everyone. So, how do you choose the best coilovers for your needs? Let’s get started by talking about spring rates, dampening, and ride height modifications.

Rates for WRX Coil Springs

When it comes to choosing the correct arrangement, spring rates are quite crucial. A spring rate is frequently expressed in pounds per inch. As an example, consider a 500 lb/in spring. This means that every 500 pounds of force compresses the spring 1 inch. Kg/mm is the metric system’s unit of measurement, therefore you may see “K” for short. 1 kg/mm is approximately 56 lbs/in. In our example, a 500 lb/in spring would be equivalent to around 9kg/mm or 9K.

The crucial thing to remember is that a higher number denotes a stiffer spring. Stiffer provides greater handling at the expense of riding comfort. However, stiffer isn’t always better for handling, and there might be too much stiffness. This is especially true if you mainly drive your Subaru WRX on the highway. If the springs are too stiff, rougher roads can upset the chassis and impair handling.

Finally, there is no perfect solution for the best spring rates for WRX coilovers. It’s usually preferable to let the coilover manufacturer match the appropriate spring rates to their system. Some, on the other hand, provide a variety of spring rate possibilities. In these circumstances, seek advice or follow general guidelines. Stiffer springs are better for handling, whereas softer springs are better for comfort.

One final point about spring rates. If you want to slam/stance your Impreza WRX, you’ll need stiffer springs. Going too soft can cause the car to bottom out or the shocks to collide with the bump stops, resulting in a harsh ride.

Coilovers for Subaru WRX – Damping Adjustments

Adjustable shock damping isn’t available on all WRX coilover kits. Many kits, however, will have rebound and/or compression damping settings. Stiffer damping, such coil springs, is excellent for smooth roads and optimal handling. On uneven surfaces, however, it can reduce comfort and handling.

In come adjustable coilovers. Adjustable kits are perfect for street comfort and track use because they can be simply switched from stiff to soft. Adjustable damping may be overkill unless you want an aggressive setup. Particularly if you only set it once and never touch the damping again.

In essence, if you want a solid balance of all-out performance and street comfort, adjustable WRX coilovers are the way to go. Otherwise, stick with non-adjustable coilovers and let the manufacturer dial in a decent balance of comfort and performance.

WRX Ride Height Modifications

This is a rather short topic because it is fairly straightforward. A real coilover is distinguished by its ability to vary in height. Most coilover kits allow for 1-2.5′′ of lowering. Drops of 3-4′′ are possible with WRX coilovers designed for stance and lowering.

This drastic lowering is normally not recommended for vigorous street or track use. As a result, most performance coilovers will only provide about 1-2′′ of lowering capabilities.

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Best Coilover Kits for Subaru WRX

Now that we’ve covered that ground, maybe you have a better notion of what you’re looking for in Subaru Impreza WRX coilover kits. The rest of this article will go over some of the greatest WRX coilovers. Please keep in mind that this is far from an exhaustive list. There are plenty of excellent coilovers available, and there isn’t always a clear answer as to which is superior.

As a result, we’re just going to focus on a few of our favorite WRX coilovers for a variety of aims and budgets. We feel that these kits provide an excellent value for money in terms of pricing, quality, and performance.

1) Upgraded Raceland WRX Coilovers

Street & Stance Entry Level

Price: $519 – 719

Lowering: 1 to 4 inches

It’s no secret that Raceland is a contentious company in the industry. How can they give these kits at such a low cost? There’s a lot to it, and we don’t have time to go through it all. Instead, let’s get right to the point. No, Raceland WRX coilovers will not deliver the optimum handling or comfort. They do, however, exactly what they are supposed to accomplish.

These are high-quality, entry-level coilovers at an affordable price. Many consumers are quite pleased with Raceland’s products and customer service. At this price, they provide almost everything you might want.

Most WRX versions are available with both Classic and Ultimo coilovers. The Classics lower the vehicle by around 1-3 inches, while the Ultimos lower it by an additional 1 inch. Raceland Primo coilovers with adjustable damping are also available on some Impreza WRX versions. The WRX from 2002 to 2007 even has the option of mono-tube coilovers.

Anyway, that’s all we’ve got to say about Raceland. They aren’t the best-performing coilovers on the market. However, the craftsmanship is excellent for the money, and the coilovers perform admirably. Look no further if you’re seeking for stance, lowering, or replacing old suspension.

The Guide to Subaru WRX Coilovers

2) BC Racing Coilover Kits for Subaru Impreza

Mid-Level Street/Track to Aggressive Street/Track

Price: $1,085 – 3,000+

Lowering: 1-3 inches or more (Extreme Low kits available)

BC Racing coilovers are a popular choice for a variety of vehicles. The beginning price of roughly $1,085 is about as good as it gets for such a comprehensive kit with so much room for customization. The BR-series are the most popular BC Racing coilovers since they are the most affordable. If you want even more capability, BC has far more aggressive kits.

That’s not to suggest the stock WRX BR-series coilovers aren’t fantastic. It is a monotube shock with 30-click compression and rebound control. All of this is fantastic for performance and handling. The kits even include front camber plates and, where available, optional rear plates. At this pricing point, this is fantastic.

Add to that the option to upgrade to fast springs for an extra $320. They’re frequently recognized as some of the best coil springs available. BC Racing also provides WRX coilovers kits with a variety of front and rear spring rate options. This is a kit that can be tailored to your specific needs. Overall, a fantastic company and product.

3) Coilovers WRX KW

Tier: Street & Track Aggressive

Price: $1,799 – 4,259

Lowering: approximately 0.5-2.3′′

KW is another well-known brand in the suspension and coilover sector. If you’re familiar with coilovers, you’ve probably heard of or seen KW. They’re quite good at what they do, and you do pay a premium for it. The KW V1s have a starting price of $1,799 and do not have any damping adjustment.

It’s pricey for Subaru WRX coilovers that can’t be adjusted for dampening. But don’t be concerned. The settings have been extensively evaluated and are given from the factory with an excellent combination of comfort and performance. Again, these folks know what they’re doing, so the lack of adjustability shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Those searching for adjustable KW WRX coilovers might consider the KW V3 or Clubsport, which cost $2,959 and $4,259, respectively. It’s pricey, and most people will be turned off right away. However, if you want the best performance possible without sacrificing quality, these kits are the real deal.

Summary of Subaru WRX Coilovers

Subaru WRX models are fantastic factory vehicles, but there is plenty of room for aftermarket modifications. For good reason, coilovers are popular among many owners. Coilovers have something to offer whether you’re searching for stance, lowering, mild street handling, or all-out track handling.

Spring rates and flexibility are two critical considerations. These factors can have a significant impact on which WRX coilovers are ideal for you. Stiff setups with monotube shocks are best for handling in general. But don’t be too rigid. Softer settings and dual tube designs, on the other hand, are ideal for comfort and moderate street use.

For the Subaru WRX, we recommend Raceland, BC Racing, and KW coilovers. Check out Raceland if you’re looking for stance or a cheap replacement for old, worn suspension. For the price, they’re hard to beat. Those interested in handling and adjustability might look into BC Racing and KW. They offer selections ranging from moderate to crazy.