The Top 5 Honda S2000 Mods

The Top 5 Honda S2000 Mods. The Honda S2000 is one of the most recognizable tuner vehicles of recent years. The S2kK was produced for the US market from 2000 to 2009, and it captured the hearts of millions with its beautiful design and outstanding performance at a reasonable price. The S2000 is highly regarded and sought after in the JDM community. The Club Racer (CR) models, which were produced in extremely restricted quantities, are especially sought after.

Many fans were drawn to the Honda S2000 after seeing it in the initial The Fast and the Furious (2001) film. With its black paint and enormous wing, it was piloted by antagonist Johnny Tran, but it is one of the most recognized and unforgettable automobiles from the entire series. A separate S2K appears in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), driven by Suki and dressed entirely in pink.

Used S2Ks are now just as pricey as they were when they were first released. This demonstrates how iconic and celebrated the S2000 is even a decade after production ceased. Even at these rates, they are selling quickly on the used market.

While the Honda S2000 is a fun automobile to drive, it is relatively out of date by 2022 standards. Furthermore, it lacks the performance of most recent tuner cars on the market today. This guide will look at the top 5 Honda S2000 upgrades in terms of performance, comfort, style, and dependability. There are numerous alternatives for modding your S2000, and our guide will help you limit down your choices.

*Not all modifications are available for all model years. Before purchase, double-check the fitting.

The Top 5 Honda S2000 Mods

S2000 AP1 & AP2 Honda

Honda first introduced the S2000 to the North American market in 2000. Unfortunately, the automobile sector collapsed in 2008, and Honda canceled the S2000 in the midst of brisk sales.

The chassis code for the S2K from 2000 to 2003 is AP1, and the facelifted S2K chassis code is AP2. Softer suspension, different wheels, updated gearing, and design tweaks distinguish the AP2 from the AP1. The most significant alteration, however, was the transition from the F20C engine to the larger F22C1 engine.

Engines and power restrictions for the F20C and F22C1

We’ve already looked at F20C and F22C1 engine guides, but here’s a quick refresher. The F20C is one of Honda’s most sought-after engines of all time. It has a 2.0L naturally aspirated inline 4 engine with a 9,000 RPM redline and a unique engine design. The F22C1 is a naturally-aspirated inline-4 with a slightly larger 2.2L engine. However, it reduced the redline to 8,200, which sparked outrage among fans.

When altering an engine, one of the most crucial questions to ask is how much power it can genuinely handle. Both engines produced roughly the same horsepower, 240, out of the factory, but the F22C1 produced slightly more torque. However, the F20C and F22C1 are also capable of far more.

Although there is no exact number that the F20C and F22C1 engines can withstand, the widespread assumption is that they can withstand large advances. Many owners claim daily driving 500whp S2000s for tens of thousands of miles with no problems. Some owners have reported 650-700whp on factory internals with no problems. In actuality, it is dependent on appropriate tuning, sensible driving, and supporting mods, but most drivers should be able to sit comfortably in the 500-550whp range without major concerns.

The Top 5 Honda S2000 Mods

Here are our picks for the top five Honda S2000 mods:

  • Upgraded tires and forged wheels
  • Lowering Springs or Coilovers
  • Stereo Upgrade
  • Induction by Forcing
  • ECU Programming

1) High-Performance Tires and Forged Wheels

Our favorite Honda S2000 mod is to replace the wheels and tires. Both the OEM rims and tires leave a lot to be desired in terms of performance and aesthetics. Honda OEM rims are made of cast aluminum, which makes them porous and not very durable. They also have extremely restricted design potential because to the factory options.

Forged wheels, on the other hand, provide less porous and significantly more robust wheels for the S2000. They are stronger and more resistant to oxidation and corrosion because they are cut and compacted from a single billet rather being poured into a mold. They outperform cast alloy wheels in terms of performance and durability.

Suggestions: Wheels

We offer two wheel recommendations for the Honda S2000. They are all forged or flow forged and come in a variety of finishes and bolt patterns. They are both great solutions, with the BBS being the simplest and less expensive to obtain.

The BBS RG-R wheels are our first choice. BBS is a well-known rim manufacturer, and the RG-R is an excellent forged wheel option. It has a gorgeous 8 spoke design and has received positive feedback from S2000 drivers. The TSW Nurburgring wheels are the next option. TSWs are flow-forged, which is a superior process that alters the molecular structure to generate a stronger alloy. TSWs provide an aggressive appearance while lowering weight and enhancing performance.

  • BBS RG-R
  • TSW Nurburgring

High Performance Tires are recommended.

High performance tires are an excellent performance enhancement for the S2000 and should be one of the first things installed. While anyone driving an S2000 today has (hopefully) moved on from the OEM tires, many buyers buying used will almost certainly need to replace tires as one of their first expenditures. High performance tires outperform other types of rubber in terms of performance, handling, and traction. They have better design features that enable accurate and consistent control in both dry and wet circumstances.

The Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4s are our first choice for high-performance tires. They perform well in both wet and dry conditions, thanks to large rain grooves that help decrease hydroplaning. Continental Extreme Contact Sports is another choice we recommend. These are the finest Summer performance tires, and they make the S2000 feel fantastic. They are grippy enough to keep large horsepower builds planted to the ground while also allowing for precise cornering and smooth handling.

  • Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4
  • Continental Extreme Contact Sport

2) Honda S2000 Lowering Springs & Coilovers

Our next Honda S2000 improvement enhances both performance and appearance: coilovers or lowering springs. Both of these lower the car’s ride height, eliminating the unsightly wheel gap and allowing for better handling. However, coilovers are plainly superior to lowering springs, while being significantly more expensive. We have already discussed them in our Ultimate Coilovers Guide, so have a look if you are unfamiliar with what they have to offer.

Coilovers enable for modest adjustments to ride height, stiffness, and overall handling. Lowering springs, on the other hand, can only be adjusted to one height. Lowering springs typically have a poorer ride quality and wear out far faster than coilovers. Nonetheless, they are good value for money for those wanting for mild handling enhancements.

Coilovers are highly recommended.

We have two coilover recommendations, both of which are industry titans. The Tein Flex Z coilovers are our first choice. Tein is a well-known suspension manufacturer, and their S2000 coilovers have received rave reviews for quality, performance, and even comfort – even when not track-tuned.

The Top 5 Honda S2000 Mods

Ohlins Road and Track Dual Flow Valve (DFV) coilovers are another choice. Ohlins coilovers provide an excellent blend of performance and comfort. They have been demonstrated to perform exceptionally well in competition, and reviewers have praised their adaptability for daily driving. The Ohlins are our preferred coilovers, but the Teins are also excellent choices.

  • Tein Flex Z (AP1)
  • Tein Flex Z (AP2)
  • Ohlins Road and Track DFV Coilovers

Suggestions: Lowering Springs

Although we suggest coilovers over lowering springs, we have included two for drivers searching for a more cost-effective construction. We propose Tein Suspension once more because their lowering springs are among the most popular for the S2000. They provide good performance but cost one-third the price of their coilovers.

The Eibach Pro-package Lowering Springs package is also recommended. Eibach is another excellent suspension brand, and their S2000 range is fantastic. Their springs remove the ugly S2000 wheel gap while improving handling and stability slightly.

  • Tein Lowering Springs (AP1)
  • Tein Lowering Springs (AP2)

3) S2k Head Unit Upgrade

Upgrading the stock head unit is our next best Honda S2000 mod. The OEM device is not only unattractive, but also slow and lacks good sound. The vast majority of the S2000 community considers upgrading to an aftermarket unit to be a required addition. Neither the AP1 nor the AP2 feature built-in Bluetooth (a rarity at the time), and XM Radio was a dealer option that is no longer accessible to many buyers on the used market.

Upgraded Head Unit is advised.

We have three options for updated head units: two Kenwoods and one Alpine. They are all Bluetooth compatible, and both Kenwoods are XM Radio Tuner compatible. And they support both Android and iPhone USB connections, which the S2000 does not. They are all reasonably priced, and the final decision is based on personal aesthetic preferences.

We’ve also included a link to a dash control interface that allows you to keep the original Honda controls on the steering wheel. It’s a completely plug-and-play solution for both Kenwoods and Alpines, making them compatible with all of our recommended head units — however everything should be double-checked with the manufacturer before purchasing.

  • Kenwood KMM-BT322U
  • Kenwood KMM-BT728HD
  • Dash Control Interface for Alpine & Kenwood Head Units

4) Forced Induction Upgrades for the Honda S2000

Now it’s time to bring out the major guns when it comes to improving S2000 performance: forced induction. The F20C and F22C1 have adequate power from the factory for their respective 2.0L and 2.2L engines, but they are capable of so much more. However, simple changes like as headers, test pipes, and intakes only provide 5-10hp improvements.

Forced induction, whether from a supercharger or turbocharger package, is required to significantly improve power on the S2000. On the F20C and F22C1, superchargers are often the favored option since they provide a fairly linear power curve with excellent early throttle response. Turbo kits are wonderful solutions for individuals who want to run greater levels of boost to get the most power out of their engines.

In our F20C engine guide, we discussed what supporting changes are required to improve your S2000 with forced induction. We’ll repost them here before moving on to some new suggestions:

  • improved clutch
  • Fuel injectors with high pressure
  • improved fuel pump
  • Rail fuel
  • Engine management system upgrade
  • The intercooler and its pipes
  • Spark plugs for high performance
  • Exhaust component upgrade

Suggestions: Superchargers

We have three new supercharger recommendations for the S2000. They provide an excellent balance of performance, quality, and pricing. For individuals that want to stay emissions compliance, we now provide a CARB certified option. Except for clutches and exhausts, all of the kits include all necessary supporting changes.

The Science of Speed Vortech Supercharger Kit is our first recommendation. SoS’s package for the S2000 is one of the most popular, and it contains a Novi 1220 centrifugal supercharger that produces 9 PSI of boost. It adds 140whp and is a direct bolt-in replacement. The Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit, which also includes a C38-81 centrifugal supercharger, is our next option. It produces 400whp/280wtq and includes a big front-mount intercooler.

The Top 5 Honda S2000 Mods

Our final option is the CARB-approved Comptech Supercharger Kit. It only adds 70-80whp but meets emissions standards in all 50 states. It still provides a significant boost thanks to its centrifugal supercharger and is our most affordable alternative.

  • Comptech Supercharger Kit
  • Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit (AP1)
  • Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit (AP2)
  • Science of Speed Vortech Supercharger Kit

Turbochargers are highly recommended.

The Science of Speed Twin-Scroll turbo kit is our top pick for S2000 turbo kits. When compared to standard single-scroll turbos, the twin-scroll turbo architecture provides sooner and more sustained power. The Science of Speed package is available with up to five different turbo choices, with output ranging from 425 to 600hp.

  • Science of Speed Twin-Scroll Turbo Kit

5) Honda S2k Modification

ECU tuning is the final addition to our list of the top 5 Honda S2000 upgrades. Proper ECU calibration will provide your automobile with safe power gains, with or without modifications. Even stock automobiles gain horsepower, and tuning is required for anyone choosing the forced induction route to ensure the car works safely.

With an engine management system, consumers may either tune the car themselves or hire a professional to do it for them. For cars with forced induction, tuners can change factors such as air-to-fuel ratios, ignition timing, fuel trims, and boost tables. Proper tuning of these is critical to ensuring that the F20C and F22C1 provide steady power for many kilometres.

Recommendations: Tuning Alternatives

All three of our tuner choices are stand-alone options. This implies that they plug or wire directly into the ECU and provide third-party control of engine calibrations and functions.

The Haltech Platinum Pro plug-in ECU for the Honda S2000 is our first recommendation. Haltech is a well-known brand in the market, and their EMS system is one of the best available for the S2K. The AEM Series 2 and Infinity standalone systems are our second recommendations. AEM, like Haltech, is a well-known brand in the field, and both the Series 2 and Infinity are excellent choices.

Our final recommendation is the tried-and-true Hondata system. Hondata is a popular choice among the Honda tuning community, and it is a simple system to use. Hondata KPro is available for 2000-2005 S2000s, while Hondata FlashPro is available for 2006+, and the 2006+ also offers a CARB approved alternative.

  • Haltech Platinum Pro ECU for Honda S2000
  • AEM Series 2 & Infinity
  • Hondata KPro (2000-2005);
  • Hondata FlashPro (2006-2009);
  • Hondata FlashPro CARB Certified (2006-2009)

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Summary of the 5 Best Honda S2000 Mods

Overall, the Honda S2000 is a fantastic tuner car with virtually endless customization options. The AP2 facelift improved certain features of the S2000, although there are still other upgrades available. The engine’s internals are capable of producing substantial power, and seeing 500whp daily driven S2000s with high mileage is not uncommon. The S2000 can be transformed into a demon in hours with correct tuning and additions.

We investigated S2000 performance, cosmetic, and comfort modifications with the goal of balancing price, quality, and emissions compliance. Adding high performance wheels and tires, which increase handling and accelerate the car, is one of the best Honda S2000 upgrades. Coilovers or lowering springs are excellent suspension modifications, particularly on the AP2, which has softer suspension, which affects performance, particularly on higher horsepower builds. A new head unit is an excellent way to update the cabin while also boosting sound quality and providing smart phone connectivity.

More horsepower from the F20C and F22C1 is a typical aim, making superchargers or turbochargers excellent Honda S2000 upgrades. We provided a wide choice of kits ranging from mild power boosts to 600hp. When increasing the power of the S2000, tuning should be taken into account, especially if forced induction is used.