The Top 5 Nissan 240sx Coupe Mods – Under $1.000 Upgrades

The Top 5 Nissan 240sx Coupe Mods – Under $1.000 Upgrades. The Nissan 240sx Coupe, which was produced from 1989 to 1998, is possibly one of the most customizable vehicles in existence. Their adaptability is lauded in a variety of racing circles, including the drift and time attack communities. Because the S-Chassis has been around for over 30 years, the modding community has had plenty of opportunity to create a diverse range of quality mods.

This post will cover some of the greatest performance upgrades for a 240sx that cost less than $1,000.

With the KA24DE found in all 240sx coupes rated for 135whp out of the box, more power is frequently sought after. While forced induction would undoubtedly improve the KA24DE, the cost of a quality turbo kit may be prohibitive for some. As a result, we’ll avoid discussing forced induction in this guide.

Even without considering turbos, 240sx coupe mod availability is extremely extensive.

The Top 5 Nissan 240sx Coupe Mods - Under $1,000 Upgrades

Exhaust System for 240sx

A great aftermarket exhaust system is one of the most worthwhile mods for a naturally aspirated 240sx. The primary function of an aftermarket exhaust is to boost airflow over the factory system’s restrictive design. Back pressure buildup caused by a restrictive system results in a net horsepower decrease. A horsepower increase and greater gas mileage are guaranteed when you upgrade your S13’s exhaust.

Let us not forget about the sound. Most aftermarket exhausts will provide you with the low, grumbly idle that many enthusiasts seek. Each system has a unique overall sound, so do some more study to discover the exhaust that sounds the best to you.

Nissan 240sx Coupe Hi-Power Exhaust System by HKS

Price: $510

Gain in Horsepower: 5-15hp

The Top 5 Nissan 240sx Coupe Mods - Under $1,000 Upgrades

The HKS Nissan 240sx Coupe Hi-Power Exhaust System is our top pick for a high-quality 240sx Coupe exhaust system. The HKS Kit includes a straight mid-pipe section and a high-flow silencer while retaining the OEM catalytic converter.

The quality of HKS products is guaranteed. HKS is a renowned components manufacturer in the JDM industry, with thousands of satisfied customers to back up their impeccable reputation.

Because the HKS Hi-Power Exhaust is cat-back, there should be no emissions issues. Despite significantly increased airflow, everything remains street legal. There are no traffic jams due to emissions.

The HKS Hi-Power system, according to most owners, is one of the best sounding on the market, with a rich deep tone at idle and a reasonable growl at higher revs. They also claim that highway drone is unimportant and that the decibel level is appropriate for an everyday driver.

Overall, the HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System is a high-quality all-arounder. Whether you want to retain your KA24DE powered 240sx Coupe normally aspirated or want to go huge boost, the HKS package is the way to go.

Upgrade 240sx Brakes

An improved brake package is one of the foundational changes for a better handling vehicle. This still holds true for Nissan 240sx Coupes. Even with stock power, an improved brake kit will significantly improve your 240sx’s performance characteristics.

240sx brake callipers are 252x20mm in factory configuration, which is small yet adequate for road use. While this is sufficient for most on-the-road applications, a larger set will improve performance for a variety of reasons. Larger brakes, in particular, provide improved braking power under higher heat loads. This is critical if you intend to push your 240sx coupe to its limits.

A bigger brake set will also dissipate heat much more effectively than stock brakes. This avoids the dreaded heat-soak, in which excess heat and energy become trapped in the brakes, causing fade. A bigger kit implies less fade, which allows for consistent performance even under heavy loads.

Big Brake Conversion Kit for 240SX Coupe Z32

Price each pair: $395

Gain in stopping power: 20-25% over stock

The Z32 brake conversion is the most typical 240sx brake improvement for those looking for increased stopping power. Because the larger brakes are from a different Nissan, the installation may be completed totally with OEM parts.

In terms of performance, most owners who have made the swap report that the difference is considerable, with the Z32 set delivering roughly 20-25% greater stopping power than the standard set. This should be more than enough for vigorous backroad driving or track day excursions.

In terms of the installation itself, there are a few things to think about in terms of equipment and other adverse effects. The brake modification will change your 240SX to a 5-lug configuration because the Z32 300zx has a 5-lug bolt pattern. Because stock wheels will not fit over the larger brakes, larger wheels will be required. The job is claimed to be quite extensive, but with the right tools and a little automotive expertise, it should be a simple bolt-on/bolt-off procedure.

This is an update that will help a 240sx coupe independent of power statistics or other modifications. If your stock brakes are causing brake fade, this kit is a no-brainer. Extra stopping power is always beneficial, both on and off the track. A Z32 large brake swap is one of the most dramatic and performance-enhancing mods you can apply to a 240sx coupe, and it costs just under $800.

Coilover Suspension Upgrade for the 240SX Coupe

In keeping with the concept of performance-enhancing tweaks that are not based on power figures, coilover suspension is another inexpensive approach to improve the handling characteristics of your 240sx coupe.

Coilovers are often regarded as the superior suspension option in the 240sx community. Most 240sx owners advocate for coilovers rather than an improved spring/shock combo. This is mostly because coilovers offer superior value. While a shock/spring combination is likely to be less expensive, coilover performance is significantly superior for a somewhat higher price.

The main advantage of coilover suspension is its adaptability. Coilovers, when compared to a typical shock/spring system, provide the benefits of adjustable ride height, dampening control, and even camber adjustment on most mid and high-priced choices. The total result is significantly enhanced cornering grip and a more planted chassis.

Megan Racing Street Coilovers for the 240sx Coupe

Price: $949.00

The Top 5 Nissan 240sx Coupe Mods - Under $1,000 Upgrades

Megan Racing is well-known in the JDM community for its high-quality entry-level suspension systems. The Megan Racing kit is designed as a street-style coilover that strikes a healthy mix between comfort and performance.

These coilovers are firm enough for most performance applications, with spring rates of 8kg front and 6kg rear. This exact kit has already been utilised on Team Enjuku Formula-D builds. That, in my opinion, is a strong testament to their performance. The Megan Racing kit may be tuned to your specific requirements thanks to 32 levels of damping adjustment.

While performance is the main goal with this set, most owners agree that it is also a great set for a daily driver. The set is supposed to feel strong and planted at gentler damping levels, without bursting teeth over potholes.

If you want a good all-around set of coilovers, the Megan Racing package is a good choice. In terms of performance, the stock 240sx suspension frequently falls short. In challenging situations, wallowy quantities of body roll are to be expected with 30-year-old shocks and springs. This problem is guaranteed to be solved with the Megan Racing 240sx Street coilover system.

Short-Throw Shifter Kit for the 240sx Coupe

While some car modifications are done to improve performance, others are done for aesthetic reasons. A short-shifter kit combines both of these components. The stock 240sx shifter travel feels like a country mile, as it does in most pre-21st century manual autos.

Aside from the long throw, many of the OEM shifter components are most likely worn from 30 years of use and abuse. Fortunately, there is a single solution to both of these problems: a short-throw shifter kit.

The primary advantage of a short-throw kit is increased shift feel, although performance is also reduced. With short-shift kits often reducing throw by 30-50%, shift times are also reduced substantially. This makes performance driving a little easier because you won’t have to fiddle with your shifter for as long. Many 240sx users also appreciate the kits’ notchier feel, which reduces a previously full-arm task to a single wrist movement.

ISR Performance Short Throw Shifter 240sx

Price: $112.50

Reduction in Shift Throw: 50%

It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of simple yet revolutionary 240sx tweaks. The ISR Performance Shifter is simple to install due to its small number of moving parts. Furthermore, the strong aluminium structure provides long-term endurance.

The ISR kit boasts one of the largest throw reductions on the market, with a 50% reduction in travel. That is a distinction that anyone would see right away. Most consumers think the ISR kit outperforms practically anything else on the market. No other kit offers the same value for money at $112.50.

The ISR kit is said to drastically decrease any existing play while in gear or neutral, in addition to reducing shift travel. Because many 240SX shifters get sloppy with time, the ISR kit is a low-cost and effective alternative.

240sx Coupe Locking Differential

When it comes to performance, how a vehicle applies its power is just as crucial as how much power it applies. As a result, an improved differential is a game changer for a normally aspirated 240sx. Almost all 240sxs came with an open differential, which means the rear wheels spin independently of one another. While convenient for everyday usage, there are superior solutions if performance is desired.

A limited-slip differential comes into play here. An LSD performs similarly to an open differential under typical driving conditions. The difference occurs when traction is reduced in one of the driving wheels, generally the outside wheel in a difficult corner. An LSD will apply pressure to the side of the axle with less grip in this case, preventing the wheels from turning at dramatically divergent rates.

This increased torque allows the vehicle to rotate more effectively through turns, reducing oversteer. Overall, this results in faster cornering speeds and greater overall stability. You’ll also be able to apply maximum force without losing traction. This is especially important if you plan to track or race your 240sx.

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Tomei Technical Trax 1.5 or 2-Way Rear LSD 240sx Coupe

Price: $981.00

As previously stated, the Tomei Technical LSD’s benefits will immediately boost off-the-line traction and cornering speeds. An LSD is required if you wish to utilise your 240sx for autocross or time trials.

Tomei is a famous JDM parts manufacturer well known for their Nissan performance parts. This is no different. The Tomei Technical is likely the strongest and longest-lasting plug-and-play LSD solution for Nissan 240sxs.

Tomei offers both a 1.5-way and a 2-way LSD, each for a particular purpose. The 1.5-way LSD excels in autocross and time attack situations. The 1.5-way locks the rear wheels under acceleration, as described above, giving for increased grip through turns. The 2-way LSD is best suited for drifting. Under acceleration and deceleration, the 2-way locks the rear wheels, allowing for controlled slides with optimum throttle control.

Regardless of your requirements, an LSD will considerably improve your 240sx coupe’s handling and traction. The Tomei Technical LSD is the best value for longevity and versatility at under $1,000.

Conclusion for the Top 5 240sx Mods

The 240sx mod community is one of the most extensive and diverse aftermarket communities for any single vehicle. The 240sx is a tried-and-true vehicle for a wide range of motorsport uses, making mod selection difficult owing to the sheer volume.

While turbo kits are frequently at the top of the list for KA24DE power improvements, there are hundreds of amazing performance-altering tweaks that make a 240sx even more enjoyable to drive. Any of the aforementioned mods are doable with a $1,000 budget and will significantly improve your 240sx driving experience.