The Upgraded Ram 1500 Intake

The Upgraded Ram 1500 Intake. Performance intakes have long been one of the most popular vehicle and truck modifications. They are one of the first changes that many people make to their vehicle, and they have numerous advantages. They not only save money and are simple to install, but they also improve gas mileage, increase power, and sound fantastic. We’ve previously mentioned that the 5.7L HEMI engine in the Dodge Ram 1500 is underpowered from the factory. A performance intake helps the 345 HEMI wake up and pull stronger and longer.

This guide will go through everything intake related to the Dodge Ram 1500 from 2003 to 2022. We’ll look at the advantages, disadvantages, expenses, and horsepower and torque increases of a Ram 1500 intake upgrade. We have previously discussed Ram 1500 Header Upgrades, and this is the next stage for your 5.7L HEMI.

The Upgraded Ram 1500 Intake

Designs for Ram 1500 Intakes

There are two kinds of Ram 1500 intake upgrades: short ram and cold air. Both are common upgrades for the Ram’s 5.7L HEMI engine, however cold air intakes often provide somewhat higher performance.

Short ram intakes feature little piping and draw air directly from the engine compartment. Short rams rely on vehicle motion to raise air pressure flowing through the intake. They are intended to be as unrestrictive as possible in order to facilitate maximum air passage. Unfortunately, the location of the filter on short ram intakes makes them vulnerable to hot engine bay air.

Cold air intakes reroute the filter to the engine bay’s bottom or near the headlight or fender. Some people will refer to Ram 1500 performance intakes as cold air intakes, although this is not exactly right. The filter in most Ram 1500 intakes will remain in the same location as the stock airbox. That is, they are not real cold air intakes, yet they nonetheless provide greater performance, often over short distances.

Advantages of Ram 1500 Intake Upgrade

The following are some of the advantages of a Ram 1500 intake upgrade for the 345 HEMI:

  • +5-15whp/wtq
  • increased fuel economy
  • enhanced throttle response
  • Enhanced intake and engine noise

The most common purpose for changing the Ram 1500 intake is to gain more horsepower and torque. Most cars will experience improvements of 5-10whp/wtq with just an intake. However, with other modifications such as exhaust headers or tune, the 5.7L HEMI can get 15whp/wtq or more. The throttle will not only produce higher peak power, but it will also be more responsive in general. A Ram 1500 intake improvement should boost power across the board.

Intakes are also popular since they improve gas mileage. However, the benefits are not as large as some claim. Most cars will notice a 0.2-0.5 MPG boost from an intake at most, but this can quickly mount up. A 0.5 mpg boost on a 20 gallon tank is 10 miles throughout the life of the tank. An improved intake will help improve air induction sounds and engine sound, making the 5.7L HEMI sound considerably more aggressive and dynamic.

Ram 1500 Intake Upgrades That Work

Now let’s have a look at our picks for the best Ram 1500 intake improvements. This is not a full list of all accessible admissions; such a list would be unhelpful. We’ve broken down the top three Ram intake options based on cost, performance, and quality.

1) Cold Air Intake S&B Ram 1500

Price: $349.00

Fits: 2003-2022

The Upgraded Ram 1500 Intake

The S&B Cold Air Intake takes the top rank on our list of Ram 1500 intake improvements. This is one of the most popular Ram 1500 intakes, and it provides an excellent balance of performance and pricing. It also contains a CARB Exempt ID for people who live in CARB-regulated states or areas with tight emissions regulations.

The S&B intake comes very close to being a true cold air intake, but it is not a “pure” version. The filter is located near the fender and includes a scoop that may reach into the fender, although the actual filter is located in the same area as the OEM airbox. However, the S&B has two intake inlets, and the kit allows you to choose whether to use one or both. One inlet is located directly on the fender, while the optional inlet is larger and located on the side. The package includes a block-off plate that installs in seconds.

S&B claims a 45% increase in airflow, and the Ram 1500 will likely gain 5-10whp/wtq with only the intake. It comes with either an oiled cotton cleanable or a dry extensible type filter, both of which operate similarly. It’s also one of a kind since it features a clear cover over the top of the airbox, which adds style while maintaining performance.

Cold Air Intake S&B (2003-2008)

S&B Cold Air Intake (Classic Body Style) (2009-2021)

Cold Air Intake for Ram 1500 (2019-2022) (New Body Style)

2) Intake for Vararam Air Grabber

Price: $329.00

Fits: 2009-2022

The Vararam Air Grabber Intake for the Ram 1500 is one of the most distinctive intakes available. It is the only short ram style intake on our list, and it is compatible with all OEM hoods. It is a real forced induction system that employs vehicle speed to increase airflow into the intake.

After installing the Vararam intake, the Ram 1500 will gain 8-12whp/wtq. It has been dyno shown to increase power over the powerband, and it looks aggressive and menacing. The Vararam is available in three colors and includes a pre-oiled filter; installation is simple and takes only 30 minutes, even for first-timers.

The Vararam intake for the Ram 1500 is a strong product that is one of the most well-reviewed and respectable intakes on the market. Many 5.7L HEMI Ram owners swear by the Vararam intake as the sole intake they’d ever use or recommend. As previously stated, it has demonstrated dyno increases and has been used on numerous high horsepower 5.7L HEMI builds.

3) Intake for Vararam Air Grabber

Moe’s Performance Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System

Price: $429.00

Fits: 2009-2018

The Moe’s Performance Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake is the final entry on our list of Ram 1500 intake improvements. It is a real cold air intake that reroutes the filter as low in the engine compartment as feasible. The Moe’s Performance intake is mounted right behind the headlight, allowing for the coolest air possible while avoiding water intake difficulties.

The carbon fiber piping provides for the quickest heat dissipation possible, which helps to decrease heat soaking. Another unique characteristic of Moe’s kit is the ease with which it can be converted into a full track intake system. This is advantageous for people who want to race their Ram.

With the Moe’s Performance intake installed, the 345 HEMI will gain 8-13whp/wtq. Moe’s also offers ported throttle bodies with their intake, in 85mm or 87mm sizes, which will undoubtedly add additional power when combined.

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Summary of Ram 1500 Intake Upgrades

A Ram 1500 intake upgrade is a good alternative for people wishing to boost the performance of the factory 5.7L HEMI engine. The 345 HEMI engine is an incredible beast, and it responds well to most aftermarket improvements. Tuning will allow you to get the most out of your intake improvement.

Most intakes only produce 5-12whp/wtq on their own, however adding additional upgrades such as exhaust headers or tune will result in a few more ponies from the intake. Gas mileage will improve slightly, as will throttle responsiveness, though neither will be much improved. The Ram 1500 installation is relatively simple, and even untrained enthusiasts can complete it.

We looked at three intakes today, and they are all viable alternatives. The S&B is perhaps the most well-known and popular model on the market, and it provides good performance at a reasonable price. The Vararam is our shortest ram on the list, but it still produces a lot of power when compared to our other options. It also has an aggressive and threatening appearance. The Moe’s Performance intake is the truest cold air intake on our list and provides excellent performance.