The Wheels for Nissan 370Z

The Wheels for Nissan 370Z. The Nissan 370Z is one of the most recognizable vehicles to have emerged from Japan in the previous 15 years. It’s not only a capable and well-balanced sports car, but it also looks good. The 370Z’s rounded, yet forceful, coupe appearance contributes significantly to its popularity. It certainly looks fantastic out of the box, but with so many aftermarket cosmetic changes for the 370Z available, it’s difficult to keep one stock.

When it comes to 370Z modifications, wheels are a wonderful place to start. They not only increase the appearance of your vehicle, but they also boost its performance. Aftermarket wheels can help to reduce unsprung weight and provide more tire alternatives. The 370Z can accommodate a wide range of wheels and tires in various sizes and widths.

The Z34 chassis has a 5114.3 bolt pattern, which is a highly popular spec in the United States. While there are other factors to consider, such as wheel width and diameter, there are a plethora of 370Z wheels on the market. This includes both OEM and aftermarket alternatives.

The Wheels for Nissan 370Z

Factors for the Best Nissan 370Z Wheels

When selecting aftermarket 370Z wheels, there are several factors to consider. The majority of these issues revolve around size and weight. It is also critical that you conduct extensive research about the manufacturer of your preferred wheel. The last thing you want to go wrong with your car is its wheels. While there are many legitimate providers, some employ inferior materials or untrustworthy manufacturing methods to produce their wheels.

Clearance of the brakes

One of the most often asked issues about 370Z wheel fitment is whether the enhanced Akebono brake kit available on Sport and NISMO 370Z variants will clear the wheels. Many Basic 370Z owners also install the large brake kit. While they are an excellent choice, they are also quite large and may conflict with new wheel alternatives.

It’s difficult to predict whether a certain wheel will clear the Akebono calipers because it depends on the type, offset, and overall size of the wheel. A printed diagram that you can fold and cut is the easiest approach to confirm fitment. To ensure that the measurement is precise, print out the diagram at 100% scale. The template’s shape, comprising the caliper, bell, and disc, is then cut out. The template can then be used to measure the distance from your wheel’s hub to check if there are any fitment concerns.

Check out this write-up on for further information on how to achieve this. If you can’t view the wheels in person before buying them, you can compare the measurements on the diagram to the manufacturer’s wheel specification diagram.


Another key attribute is weight. If you don’t do any performance driving, this doesn’t matter as much. Having said that, even a novice driver might notice the performance boost provided by lighter wheels. Because wheels count as both rotating and unsprung weight, lowering their weight can have substantial consequences.

Performance benefits with lighter wheels include improved handling, faster braking, and marginally better gas mileage. The more lightweight the wheels, the better. Again, it may not be the primary reason why most enthusiasts want to replace wheels, but it is a significant factor.


When selecting new 370Z wheels, the most significant concern is definitely size. Because to their very broad wheel arches, especially in the rear, it is quite easy to acquire wheels that fit a Z34.

Because the 370Z’s rear arches are substantially broader than the front, staggered configurations are far more prevalent than square installations. A staggered set of wheels means that the front and rear wheels are of different sizes. The front and rear wheels are the same diameter and width in a square layout. While not as widespread, the Z34 does have a few square setup choices.

Before we get into conventional sizing specs for aftermarket alternatives, let’s start with factory 370Z wheel sizing.

Nissan 370Z Wheel Specifications:

370Z Wheel and Tire Specifications:

188 +43mm in front, 189 +15mm in back

225-50-18/245-45-18 ADVAN Yokohama Sport

T145/80D17 spare, 174

Specifications for Nissan 370Z Sport Wheels and Tires:

199 +47 in front, 1910 +30 in behind

245-40-19/275-35-19 Potenza Bridgestone

T145/70R18 spare, 184

Specifications for Nissan 370Z Nismo Wheels and Tires:

19×9.5 +40, 19×10.5 +23

ADVAN Sport 245-40-19/285-35-19 Yokohama

T145/70R18 spare, 184

Nissan 370Z Wheel and Tire Specifications

There are so many wheel and tire options for the 370Z that it would be impossible to cover them all in a single article. Having stated that, we shall go over the setups that most Z aficionados prefer. We’ll divide the configurations into categories for the sake of organization. We’ll start with solid spec alternatives for a daily driver before moving on to more performance-oriented setups. We’ll also divide them into staggered and square groups.

Nissan 370Z Wheel Configurations / Daily-Driver Focused

Moderate Staggered Daily Configuration

Front: 18×9.5+22

Rear: 18×10.5+30

This arrangement is a fantastic choice for someone seeking for OEM+ fitment because it isn’t too dissimilar to stock fitment. With 10.5″ in the back, you may use larger rubber, giving you a traction edge. The majority of 370Z owners who use this arrangement report that no modifications are required to ensure flush fitting. It is advised, but not essential, to install coilovers or lowering springs.

Staggered Daily Setup in the Middle

Front: 19×9.5+12

Rear: 19×10.5+12

Tire Dimensions:

Front tires: 235/35R19

Rear: 275/35R19

This slightly more aggressive combination, like the last one, demands for 9.5″ front and 10.5″ rear wheels. The front and rear wheel diameters are different in this arrangement. Several 370Z owners consider 18″ wheels to be too tiny in terms of aesthetics. This arrangement is ideal for individuals who want larger wheels that fill out the arches more visually. This arrangement can easily be used without any further modifications.

Staggered Daily Aggressive Setup

Front: 19×9.5+20

Rear: 19×11+15

Tire Dimensions:

Front tire size: 255/35R19

Rear: 305/30R19

This arrangement pushes the envelope for a daily-driven setup. Those rear arches will be lovely and full with 11″ wheels in the back. This arrangement also has 19″ wheel sizes all around, which look nicer with stock suspension than 18″ wheels. While this setup will look mean regardless of suspension, a small drop to narrow the wheel gap will look ideal.

370Z Square Daily Wheel Configuration

Front: 18×10.5+15

Rear: 18×10.5+15

Tire Dimensions:

Front tire size: 255/35R18

Rear: 255/35R18

There are a few advantages to using a square setup over a staggered one. Square setups are far more tire-friendly because they allow you to rotate your tires not just side to side, but also front to back. While you may lose a little grip when driving fast, square layouts frequently have superior handling balance.

In the case of this configuration for the 370Z, spacers in the rear will be required to push the rear tires out a touch to fill the arches better. Most Z34 owners who use this setup report that a 20mm spacer on the rear wheels will suffice.

Nissan 370Z Wheel Configurations / Performance Driven

Further changes are either strongly suggested or essential for the Nissan 370Z now that we’re heading into more extreme settings. Rolled fenders are now required to fit larger diameter wheels with wider tires and greater offsets.

Moderate Staggered Performance Configuration

Front: 18×9.5+10

Rear: 18×11+8

Tire Dimensions:

Front tire size: 225/40R18

Rear: 255/45R18

This is an excellent arrangement for striking a balance between performance and appearance, with a preference towards the former. With 9.5″ wide front wheels and 11″ wide rear wheels, you’ll be able to accommodate a wide choice of tires in very common sizes. To run this configuration without rubbing, you’ll most likely need to roll your fenders.

Mid-Range Staggered Performance Configuration

Front: 19×9.5+7

Rear: 19×11+10

Tire Dimensions:

Front tire size: 225/35R19

Rear: 275/35R19

If 18s aren’t cutting it in terms of aesthetics on your performance build, this could be the setup for your Z. While the wheel widths remain the same as in the previous setup, the front and rear diameters are increased by an inch to 19.” Be aware that the larger wheel diameter may make tires with a beefier sidewall difficult to fit in terms of fender clearance.

Nissan 370Z Extreme Fitment Configuration

Front: 20×9+20

Rear: 20×11+20

Tire Dimensions:

Front tire size: 255/30R20

Rear: 295/30R20

This configuration deviates from the term “performance” and is primarily concerned with looks. When it comes to 20″ and 21″ wheels on a 370Z, suspension setup and clearance must be carefully considered. The majority of 370Z owners who use this arrangement have either highly tuned coilover suspension or air suspension. There isn’t much information available on whether this setup can be operated with stock suspension, but I would advise against it.

Nissan 370Z Wheel Suggestions

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to get into the exciting stuff. As previously said, there are virtually an infinite number of 370Z wheels to pick from. After considering size, weight, and build quality, wheel selection comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer wheels with fewer spokes, while others prefer multi-spoke wheels. In the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

In the following section of this guide, we’ll look at a number of wheel styles at various pricing points.

Enkei RPF1 Nissan 370Z Wheels

Price per wheel: $352.80

The Wheels for Nissan 370Z

Enkei RPF1 wheels are perhaps the most popular in the JDM community. That’s because they look great on everyone. They are also exceptionally light due to their all-aluminum construction. Enkei is a well-known brand in the aftermarket wheel sector, recognized for producing high-quality yet minimalist wheels. Its philosophy is exemplified by the RPF1.

Enkei builds the RPF1 with an advanced casting/forging process known as the M.A.T. process. The spinning technique combines one-piece cast wheel technology with rim forming technology. The end result is an extraordinarily lightweight and durable wheel.

RPF1s are only available in diameters up to 18″ because they are primarily designed for performance applications.” If you want bright, beautiful wheels for a stance build, these are probably not the wheels for you. Yet, for those who don’t mind running 18’s, there isn’t a better alternative that combines aesthetics and performance like RPF1s.

Forgestar F14 Nissan 370Z Wheels

Wheels range in price from $355.00 to $500.00.

The Wheels for Nissan 370Z

These are unquestionably another Nissan 370Z classic. Forgestar, like the Enkei wheels mentioned above, has a similar purpose in mind: to provide a high-quality wheel that combines excellent performance with a beautiful aesthetic. That is exactly what they did with the F14. The F14s are built from flow-formed aluminum, which makes them lightweight and robust.

The F14 demonstrates Forgestar’s commitment to client satisfaction. They are completely customized from start to finish. This simply means that each wheel is made to order, with all of the specifications that you require for your 370Z, such as customisable size, offset, finish, and width.

The 7 split-spoke design complements the Nissan 370Z well. They are also a concave wheel with four levels of concave severity. Unlike the RPF1, the Forgestars are available in diameters ranging from 17″ to 22″, giving them an excellent choice for almost any 370Z build.

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Cosmis Racing XT-206R-FF Nissan 370Z Wheels

Price per wheel: $350.00

The Wheels for Nissan 370Z

While Cosmis may not have the same name awareness as Enkei or Work, they nevertheless produce some really solid wheels at a reasonable price. We chose the XT-206R flow-formed version for a few reasons. The XT-206R-FF, like the previous wheels, benefits from the advantages of flow-formed wheel construction. This comprises a lightweight yet incredibly durable design.

According to Cosmis, the flow-formed version of the XT-206Rs was expressly intended to support factory large brake kits, so if you’re running Akebono brakes, rejoice!

Work Emotion CR Kiwami – Best Nissan 370Z Wheels

Price: $432.00

When it comes to high-quality, good-looking wheels, Work is certainly in a class of their own. The Work Emotion range as a whole is quite popular, especially on JDM vehicles. The “Kiwami” is the newest member of the Emotion family, and it makes use of Work’s cutting-edge Flowforming technology. You’re probably aware of the advantages of flow formation by now, so I’ll skip the technicalities. But keep in mind that Work is known for using high-quality materials and cutting-edge wheel construction techniques. They’ll take good care of you.

Work has you covered in terms of sizing. Emotion CR Kiwamis are available in 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, and 19″ diameters, so there’s a size for almost every application. They are also available in four distinct colors: white, bronze, black, and silver. Look no further for a split 5-spoke wheel with a proven track record.

Synopsis of the Top Nissan 370Z Wheels

The Nissan 370Z is one of the most customizable vehicles available. With so much aftermarket support, finding the correct wheels for your setup might be difficult. Before you buy a set of aftermarket wheels for your car, there are a few things you should think about.

If you have an Akebono or Brembo large brake upgrade on your 370Z Sport, NISMO, or Basic, you must be especially cautious while selecting wheels. Because the calipers on both of those brake kits are large, you may encounter clearance concerns if you aren’t careful. The simplest approach to check is to use the linked diagram to either directly measure the wheels or compare them to a wheel spec diagram.

It is also critical to have the correct wheel sizing for your desired use. We’ve listed some of the most popular 370Z wheel specs in this article. While we gave decent options for daily drivers and performance-spec Z34s, there are plenty more available. If the wheels you’re interested in don’t come in the specifications we mentioned, they might still fit. It could just need a little more investigation.