The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers

The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers. We already investigated and published an article on the best 6.4 HEMI performance enhancements. Many of the above details are also useful for individuals wishing to enhance their 6.4 Hemi headers. Upgrading your 6.4 Hemi headers is still one of the best performance mods you can do for your 6.4L V8.

*This guide applies to all 6.4 HEMI engines. However, results and specific fitment vary widely because the 6.4L Hemi has been used in many various vehicle kinds and car companies. We will explore both our recommendations for long tube versus shorty heads for this engine type in this article. We’ll also go over the distinctions between them, as well as their potential performance and power gains.

The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers

What Exactly Are Dodge 6.4 V8 Headers?

Dodge 6.4 V8 headers are merely an extension of the original exhaust system. Exhaust gases are directed away from the exhaust ports by the header. Headers are just another word for exhaust manifolds. Exhaust gases then pass through your cats (and, if present, your catalytic converter) before exiting your tailpipe.

Header upgrades can help to reduce backpressure while enhancing power and performance. Increased airflow reduces backpressure. Improved airflow to the exhaust can help boost engine longevity and horsepower. (However, a proper tune is usually recommended in conjunction with a dynamic upgrade or change to your car’s engine and exhaust system.)

Dodge 6.4 V8 headers are frequently considered as upgrades for 6.4L V8 HEMI engines. (Because they are less expensive and easier to install than larger upgrades.) Upgraded headers will provide any automobile an immediate boost in performance and exhaust gas expulsion. There are two types of headers: long tubes and “shortys” or short tube headers.

Continue reading to learn more about the distinction and the finest options for your 6.4 Hemi header upgrade.

The Advantages of 6.4 HEMI Headers

Here are some of the advantages that a header upgrade can provide for your Dodge 6.4 HEMI right away:

  • Gains of 10-35 whp
  • Gains in torque ranging from 10 to 25 percent (potentially more with supporting mods)
  • backpressure reduction/increased exhaust airflow
  • EGTs/reduced exhaust gas temperatures
  • A more aggressive/improved exhaust sound

It’s vital to realize that all of these advantages are heavily reliant on supporting mods and a solid tune. In any case, expect to gain 10-35whp and 10-25wtq. The specific 6.4 HEMI headers you select can have a significant impact. Shorty headers with OEM cats will most likely show lower-end increases. Catless long-tube headers with the proper accompanying upgrades will almost certainly show increases at the top of the range.

Back-pressure reduction is beneficial to engine health for a variety of reasons. One key benefit is that it reduces EGTs, allowing the engine to run cooler and minimize knock. Dodge Ram 6.4 HEMI headers also produce a lot of noise. Of course, it’s difficult to put into words, and videos don’t always do it right.

HP Gains on Ram 392 HEMI Headers

Some manufacturers claim that their bolt-ons or other alternatives result in an immediate rise of up to 25-30 horsepower. Those reports and outcomes can be attributed to a mix of numerous helpful tweaks, a great tune, and header upgrades. However, it is critical to understand that a header upgrade can and will result in an immediate increase in power and performance for the Ram 392 Hemi. Who are the most reliable header upgrade suppliers, and why? Share your experiences with modification makers and your trusted preferences in the comments!

Upgrades for 6.4 HEMI Headers

We recommend two long tube headers and two “shorty” or short-tube headers for your 6.4 Hemi header upgrade options below. Long tube systems will cost drivers significantly more. Drivers should also be aware that a mid-pipe or catted option may result in a significant price rise. We’ve previously explained the advantages of each category above, so please share your thoughts or experiences with the various sorts of header upgrades in the comments section below.

392 HEMI Long Tube Headers vs. Shorty Headers

In comparison to a short tube header, long tube headers often have longer separate pipes before coming together (hence the name). Long tube headers not only increase exhaust gas flow but also improve overall scavenging. The process of replacing exhaust gas with fresh air for your engine is known as scavenging. As a result, long tubes aid in the defense against gas reversion. The process of exhaust gases finding the lowest pressure places and keeping exhaust gases that must be discharged is known as gas reversion. This issue can result in a loss of engine power and performance, not to mention durability.

The performance of short tube versus long tube headers might vary greatly. Upgraded headers can benefit not only back pressure, but also overall horsepower and torque benefits for drivers. Many drivers may not have the luxury of selecting certain headers as an option (*due to their evident unlawful status in some jurisdictions), but any quality product with cost and performance advantages must be considered by our staff and our drivers.

*Technically, tampering with any car’s emissions is unlawful under EPA regulations. However, if the automobile is raised and the undercarriage is examined for the presence of a catalytic converter, a catted pipe will pass the visual inspection.

Long tube headers, on the other hand, may provide the performance boost that our readers are looking for. As a result, we must determine which 6.4 Hemi header upgrade is genuinely optimal for each individual reader or consumer. Many short tube header improvements are now made with “cats” to maintain legality and pass emissions or visual testing in all 50 states, and therefore maintaining their semi-legal status. Long tube headers, on the other hand, can provide more immediate horsepower and torque.

Upgrades to Catless vs. High-Flow Headers

Catless improvements are those that do not include a catalytic converter. A catless upgrading option against a high-flow header can have different advantages and disadvantages. Catless headers may provide a more rapid increase in horsepower, but they may also fail the emissions test and significantly increase your car’s exhaust noise. Catless upgrade alternatives are also said to be less expensive and more affordable than catted high-flow headers.

When compared to header upgrades, this option may provide a lesser increase in overall horsepower gains. Some drivers love the sound of a catless header as well. When catless header improvements are used, the overall sound can become more harsh.

Some drivers may choose the high flow header upgrade due to the tiny difference in potential horsepower improvements. High flow headers will almost always pass an emissions test with flying colors. Catless headers may emit a scent or sound that a trained officer can detect, which is the last thing we want for our drivers. However, forced induction and the need to maintain your exhaust system at a cooler temperature may lead some customers to go catless.

Even with a catless improved header, some drivers can easily pass the emissions test if they use the proper gasoline. Ironic, given that the EPA still considers exhaust system manipulation to be illegal.

Let us know in the comments below if you prefer Dodge 6.4 V8 Headers that are catless for the increased gain, sound, and temperature balancing, or high flow headers for the legality and probable longevity that a catalytic converter provides.

1) 1 7/8′′ Kooks Long Tube Headers for 6.4L HEMI

Kooks’ long tube headers could be the ideal modification for your 6.4 Hemi exhaust system. The manufacturer provides two distinct mid-pipe alternatives. These kids, however, are significantly more expensive than our shorty options (as predicted previously in this post), with a starting price of $1,618. The base price does not include the mid-pipe options, which cost an extra $775 or $1400, respectively.

The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers

This device, however, comes ready to install as a bolt-on with all essential components except a decent mechanic. This long tube header modification option claims to “optimize scavenging and improve power,” according to Kooks. Regardless of the greater price, this is a guaranteed high-quality solution that will immediately improve the performance of your 392 HEMI.

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2) Shorty Headers BBK Challenger/Charger

BBK Performance is now producing a high-quality bolt-on product. BBK’s short header improvement is a wonderful alternative to explore for only $450. With all the components already included, this could be the simplest installation option on our list.

The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers

This will improve acceleration and boost total airflow, allowing the engine to operate at full capacity. These BBK Shorty headers are an excellent choice for people on a tight budget who want bolt-on horsepower boosts right away.

3) 1-7/8′′ Long JBA Stainless Steel Tube Headers

JBA Performance also offers a somewhat more expensive but high-quality option for 6.4 Hemi header long tube upgrades. These headers guarantee a great exhaust tone as well as an immediate increase in horsepower and torque. This is significantly more cheap than many other long tube header upgrade options for the 6.4 HEMI, with a list price of only $680.

The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers

These headers are available with a silver or titanium ceramic coating as an option. For an extra $400, they also offer a catless midpipe option for the 6.4L. These will almost certainly provide you with some louder exhaust tones right away.

4) Hooker Blackheart Gen III HEMI Headers (For Swaps)

*Please note that this item is just for 6.4 HEMI engine swaps.

If you’re searching for a low-cost upgrade for your 6.4 Hemi swap, look no further than the Hooker Blackheart Gen 3 Shorty Swap Headers. These headers will suit a variety of Dodge platforms with a 6.4 HEMI swap, but double-check compatibility and specs before purchasing.

The 6.4 Upgrade Guide for HEMI Headers

At approximately $299 delivered, the Hooker Blackheart is an excellent choice for a shorty header upgrade. If price is your top priority, these Hooker shorty 6.4 Hemi header modifications are an excellent choice.

Summary of Dodge 392 Header Upgrades

There’s a lot of evidence suggesting a header update is a good idea for your 6.4 HEMI. Our recommendations covered both low-cost solutions as well as complete catted systems at the higher end of the price range.

Shorter headers are more usually associated with a simpler installation and a lower cost upgrade. Long-tube headers often provide more power gains and benefits, but they are more expensive and more difficult to install. In any case, a set of 392 HEMI heads will undoubtedly wake up the 6.4L V8. Depending on the specific arrangement, power improvements can range from 10 to 30+whp.