The Guide to the 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

The Guide to the 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit. The Toyota 4Runner is one of the world’s best-selling off-road SUVs. It’s not difficult to see why. Toyota has been combining dependability, trail-tackling performance, and overall comfort into a single package for nearly 40 years. There aren’t many other solutions that can make the same claim.

The 5th Generation 4Runner has been on the market for 12 years and has only gotten better as time has passed. That demonstrates how much life and staying power the most current 4Runner generation genuinely has. While the vast majority of 5th Gen 4Runners rarely see dirt, others only see it on their approach to a trail. While 5th Gen 4Runners are still mighty capable offroad with no modifications, some choice upgrades can turn your 4Runner into an utter savage.

This is where 4Runner lift kits come into play. A few extra inches of clearance, in addition to some decent all-terrain tyres, can make all the difference. This is especially true if you intend to do some light rock climbing or obstacle manoeuvring. Because the 5th Generation 4Runner is so well-known for its shenanigans, there are a plethora of 4Runner lift kit options to select from, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of selecting a 5th Gen 4Runner lift kit, as well as some of the benefits and drawbacks of the popular modification. Finally, much of the information presented here can also be applicable to prior model 4Runners and Toyota Tacomas.

The Guide to the 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

What Are the Advantages of a 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to install a lift kit on your 4Runner, the most of which revolve around boosting off-road performance. Another popular reason for installing a lift kit is for cosmetic reasons, as those extra few inches of height make a significant visible difference. Finally, some consumers prefer to install a 4Runner raise kit to improve their SUV’s on-road handling. Regardless of your aims, the majority of the same factors remain. The biggest distinction between the three solutions is their pricing.

Off-Road Advantages of a 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

If you’re seriously considering a lift kit for your 4Runner, chances are you’re off the road very frequently. For light off-road adventures, even standard 5th Gens are capable all-terrain vehicles. But, more experienced off-roaders are aware that some difficulties can only be overcome with some more height.

The increased ground clearance is the most obvious reason to upgrade to a 4Runner lift kit. A factory 5th Generation 4Runner has approximately 9.6″ of clearance between the ground and the front and rear differentials. To put that in context, that is comparable to a Jeep Wrangler. While it is adequate for most purposes, certain extreme off-road terrain necessitates more clearance than a stock 4Runner can provide. A good 4Runner lift kit can raise the ride height by 3.5″ (the recommended safe limit), which is more than enough to get over large trail hazards.

Another key feature of off-roading that a good 4Runner lift kit may improve is approach angle. Lift kits for the 4Runner can elevate the front bumper and increase overhang over the front axle. As a result, a lifted 4Runner can approach and pass steep barriers far more easily than an unlifted 4Runner. In addition to the offroad benefits that a 4Runner raise kit can give, the extra height allows for more suspension “flex,” which means more axle movement.

Finally, the greater body clearance allows lifted Toyota 4Runners to run wider tyres, which is beneficial for both off-road and aesthetic purposes. Because most genuine off-road tyres demand significant clearance, a 4Runner lift kit might allow you to run larger tyres than you would otherwise be able to.

The Aesthetic Advantages of a 4Runner Lift Kit

While some customers seek a useful 4Runner lift kit, others merely like the aggressive and commanding appearance that a lift provides. Nothing is wrong with that. In fact, due to the body-on-frame architecture of the 5th Gen 4Runner, there are a variety of low-cost options for giving your 5th Gen a visible lift, the most common of which is a 4Runner body lift. A 4Runner spacer kit is another alternative that will allow you to acquire some more height while still using the factory 4Runner suspension components.

One advantage shared by cosmetic and practical 4Runner lifts is the ability to run wider tyres due to increased wheel arch clearance. It is feasible to fit up to 33″ tyres on a lifted 4Runner, depending on how extreme the lift is. Of course, that is the absolute maximum, which usually necessitates a 3″ or greater lift. However, even slightly larger 4Runner tyres than the factory tyres can provide significant benefits. For one thing, larger 4Runner tyres can clear greater obstacles and provide superior traction on various sorts of terrain.

Larger tyres can be beneficial or detrimental to engine speed, depending on your perspective. Because larger 4Runner tyres must rotate less to cover the same distance as larger ones, the engine does not have to work as hard. It is good for engine health. Larger 4Runner tyres, on the other hand, will cause the odometer and speedometer to be erroneous for the same reason.

The raised ride height and flexibility to use wider tyres are the key visual benefits of a Toyota 4Runner lift kit.

What Are The Downsides of a 4Runner Lift Kit?

While 4Runner lifts are magical for many reasons, they are not without flaws. The majority of the severe disadvantages of installing a raise kit are due to physics. When you boost a vehicle’s centre of gravity, it becomes less stable and more prone to turning over. These two concerns are undoubtedly relevant when it comes to lift kits.

While Toyota undoubtedly anticipated that the 4Runner would be modified by a large number of people, the 5th Generation was not explicitly intended to accommodate the increased height. Extreme cornering with a raised centre of gravity might be harmful if you are not careful. On the subject of handling, some 4Runner lift kits have the unpleasant side effect of making road handling worse.

The suspension geometry can be be altered by installing a 4Runner lift kit. This has the unintended consequence of interfering with the OEM alignment and steering characteristics. The extent of these disadvantages is entirely dependent on the sort of 4Runner lift kit you select. While 4Runner coilover lift kits can improve steering and handling, other types of raise kits, such as 4Runner spacers, can make the ride rough and the steering uncertain.

4Runner lift kits also effect fuel economy. Because the vehicle’s chassis is lifted, air resistance increases, resulting in a less aerodynamic overall form. This effect is amplified for individuals who use larger and more grippy tyres, which increase frictional resistance with the road. You should anticipate to lose a few MPGs when you combine the two.

Varieties of 4Runner Lifts and Considerations

While the general objective of a 4Runner lift kit is fairly same regardless of the route taken, different types of lift kits offer distinct advantages. Most people think of coilover lift kits when they think about 4Runner lift kits. While coilover lifts are the most frequent and popular type of 4Runner lift kit, there are additional kits available with varying degrees of off-road capabilities.

5th Gen 4Runner Body Lift Kit / Affordable Boost

A body lift kit is the most cost-effective option to raise a few inches of ride height in a Toyota 4Runner. A body lift kit is not only the cheapest solution to elevate your Toyota 4Runner, but it is also the simplest to install of all lift kit alternatives. A 4Runner body lift is distinct from the other types of kits listed here. The primary distinction is that a body lift has no effect on the suspension components. In essence, it basically adds more space between the 4Runner’s body and chassis. From an aesthetic sense, it will appear the same as if you were to do a conventional 4Runner coil lift.

The majority of 4Runner body lifts are really reasonable, ranging in price from $100 to $200. That is dirt cheap in contrast to other lift methods. As a result, a body lift is a suitable choice for individuals who want the look of a raise but do not want to invest in a new suspension setup, which can be costly. Another advantage of a body lift is that it allows you to place larger tyres on your 4Runner in the same manner that a more expensive lift would.

Yet, that is where the positives end, and the cons start to creep in. Because a 4Runner body lift has no effect on the suspension, you will not gain any greater ground clearance by installing one. As a result, if you intend to do any serious offroading, this is not the path to take. If you add larger tyres, a body raise will give you a modest all-terrain advantage, but that’s about it. Furthermore, the raised centre of gravity combined with the less stable body/frame connection will almost certainly result in additional body roll.

Toyota 4Runner Leveling/Spacer Kit

Beyond a body lift kit, a Toyota 4Runner spacer kit is the next step up. Suspension spacers, unlike body lifts, influence the suspension itself, giving you some extra clearance. Because the 5th Generation 4Runner has front struts and rear springs, suspension spacers work differently in the front than they do in the back. Front 4Runner suspension spacers are linked to the front strut using locking bolts. The rear spacers function similarly, but because there are no rear struts, they are installed inside the rear springs.

A 4Runner spacer kit can provide a significant amount of lift. Altogether, you can add anywhere from 1″ of height to 3″ of height using spacers alone. That is comparable to the lift provided by 4Runner coilovers while costing a fraction of the price. You can often purchase a solid pair of spacers for $150-$300, making them the perfect sweet spot for most individuals. A good spacer kit will provide some extra clearance, but not nearly as much as completely replacing your suspension. The same logic applies in terms of fitting larger tyres, which is undoubtedly achievable.

The use of spacer lift kits for anything other than moderate dirt trail drives is hotly contested in the 4Runner offroading community. One of the main issues with offroading on a spacer kit is that, at the end of the day, you are still driving on stock 4Runner suspension. While it is still capable, it is more likely to wear down your suspension sooner. Having said that, there are many 4Runner owners that run this configuration offroad and claim to have never had any problems.

Coilover Kit for Toyota 4Runner

When most people think of 4Runner lift kits, they think of coil lift kits. A coil lift kit, as opposed to coil spring spacers, replaces the factory coil springs with a new set of longer and potentially stiffer springs. This relates to the 4Runner’s front and rear suspension, with the entire front strut assemblies replaced and the rear springs swapped out. Overall, you may anticipate to gain anywhere between 2-3.5″ of additional suspension lift from a Toyota 4Runner coilover lift kit.

When compared to spacers, there are numerous advantages to upgrading to coil springs. A new pair of 4Runner coilover springs will restore the suspension to like-new condition while also allowing you to tailor the spring rates to your specific needs. In most situations, a 4Runner coilover package will not only boost off-road capability, but will also improve on-road handling dramatically.

A coil raise kit can also increase suspension articulation, which can bring extra off-road benefits. There are many different types of 4Runner coilovers available, ranging from simple monotube designs to external reservoir coilovers. As a result, prices for different types of 4Runner coilovers might vary greatly. Simple models cost between $500 and $600. More competent examples will set you back $1,500 or more.

While coil spring spacers are without a doubt the easiest lift alternative to install, coil lifts are only little more complicated. Overall, if performance is more important than looks, a 4Runner coilover lift is the best and least expensive alternative.

Suggestions for a 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

Due to the fact that the Toyota 4Runner is such a popular car to modify, the 5th Gen community has a very established list of lift tips that they normally keep to. There are obviously certain 4Runner lift kit firms that are more established in the space than others. In the section that follows, we’ll recommend the finest of each type of lift kit available for the 5th Generation 4Runner.

Tough Country 2″ Spring Spacer Lift/Leveling Kit 4Runner

Price: $139.95

We’ll start with the least expensive and least time-consuming 4Runner lift option. When it comes to aftermarket 4Runner (and pretty much any other offroad competent vehicle) modifications, Rough Country is one of the top companies. Rough Country, which specialises in lift kits, will appear on our list again and again because they truly are the best. Quality materials are critical when it comes to 4Runner coil spring spacers. The Rough Country front strut extensions are constructed of high-quality metal, while the rear coil spring spacers are made of long-lasting rubber.

The Guide to the 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

Because coil spring spacers are such a basic component, it’s difficult to say anything about them. These spacers are not compatible with 5th Gen 4Runners equipped with either the KDSS or X-REAS systems. Installation is a breeze. It is not necessary to disassemble any of the front struts. Most customers who have purchased these spring spacers report that installation takes about an hour if you are familiar with a basic set of tools.

Everyone appears to be pleased with the spacers as well, reporting that they lifted their 4Runner to the specified height. The Rough Country Toyota 4Runner spring spacers offer unmatched value for money. There is simply no better choice if you are searching for a cheap and easy way to raise your 4Runner by 2″.

4Runner 1″ Body Lift Kit by SRQ Fabrications

Price: $139.95

To kick off the list, we’ll start with likely the easiest and least expensive form of lift that you can obtain for a 5th Gen 4Runner. We’ve already discussed the benefits and drawbacks, but for a 4Runner body raise, you won’t find a better alternative than the SRQ Fabrications 1″ body lift package. While an inch may not appear to be a substantial difference in height, it is not only visible, but it also allows for up to 32″ tyres, which is a significant step up.

The SRQ kit includes all of the ultra-high molecular weight polymer blocks need to replace the stock body mounts. This particular polymer is designed to last and can withstand significantly more weight and friction than is required. The kit also includes all of the mounting hardware required to complete the installation. Install instructions are available on the SRQ website.

SRQ has an excellent reputation in the Toyota aftermarket and supplies suspension components for a variety of other Toyota vehicles. The reviews for the 4Runner 1″ body lift kit are overwhelmingly positive, with every reviewer noting that the kit fits well. The cheapest way to get a good deal on a good deal on a good deal is to buy a good deal on a good deal.

Rough Country 3″ Coilover Lift Kit for 4Runner

Price: $599.95

There is no shortage of 4Runner coilover kits to choose from. The sheer number of options for the most common sort of lift kit might be overwhelming. Of course, the proper kit is ultimately determined by the amount of lift desired. Pricing is definitely an essential factor as well. As previously stated, coil spring lift kits are normally good for roughly 3″ of lift without extra difficulties. We promised you that Rough Country will return. The Rough Country 3″ 4Runner coilover raise kit appears to be the finest combination of performance and pricing among the 3″ coil spring lift choices available.

The Guide to the 5th Generation 4Runner Lift Kit

The Rough Country kit will undoubtedly outperform the body lift kit or spacers indicated above in terms of offroad performance. Rough Country states that the kit provides enough clearance for 33″ tyres in addition to additional flex and suspension travel. That really opens up some doors for some decent off-road tyres. The Rough Country kit costs $599.95 and includes everything you need to get started. The kit includes two heavy-duty coil springs, rear springs, and all essential installation hardware.

Owners of the Rough Country package believe that it provides better-than-stock off-road performance while simultaneously giving better-than-stock road manners.

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Summary of Toyota 4Runner Lift Kit Guide

The fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner is without a doubt a legend. The 5th Generation is the most recent edition of one of the most popular offroad vehicles to be released in the last 40 years, and it simply begs for extra upgrades to make it an even more capable machine. A lift kit is an excellent way to accomplish this.

While the underlying premise of a 4Runner lift kit is pretty much the same across the board, some lift types are better at some things than others. A 4Runner body raise kit will provide you more tyre clearance and aesthetic benefits, but it will not provide much extra ground clearance for offroading. The story is similar for a 4Runner spacer lift/leveling kit, although they normally add a couple of inches of height and some usable ground clearance. The best offroading experience is provided by a 4Runner coilover raise kit, which provides loads of height, fantastic ride quality, and the best offroading experience available.

Overall, there are numerous high-quality solutions for each sort of 4Runner lift kit on the market. From Rough Country to SRQ Fabrications, the options listed above are certified quality. Happy trailing in whatever direction you choose!